5 Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Trainers advise you to NOT do the same workouts day after day. Your body needs time to rest and recover from the intense exercise of lifting weights, which is why you give yourself between 48 and 72 hours of rest between workouts.

But, there are a few exercises you should be doing on a daily basis. These exercises help to improve your strength and flexibility, and they will do wonders for your overall fitness:

Pull-Up Bar Hang

If you want a stronger grip (and really, who doesn’t?) few exercises are as effective as hanging from a pull-up bar. Don’t waste your time on Wrist Curls or any of those other exercises meant to target your forearms. The muscle group is so small that isolation exercises are a waste of time. Instead, grip a pull-up bar and just hang there for as long as you can. This exercise will not only help to strengthen your grip, but will increase the range of motion of your shoulders and back. You’ll find that the tightness in your upper back will be loosened thanks to this simple exercise!

Couch Stretch

For those who train legs hard, your hips and quads probably feel pretty tight. You know the pain of sore muscles the day after a hard legs workout or an intense run, so you should try the Couch Stretch to help loosen up the muscles. Start on your hands and knees, with your feet against the wall. Lift your knee and place it against the wall, with your lower leg and foot pressed against the wall. Lift your torso as high as possible until you are straight, and you’ll feel the amazing stretch in your thighs and hips. Do a few sets of 30 seconds per leg throughout the day, and your risk of hip and thigh injury will be greatly reduced.

Belly Lift Walk

This is a movement that will not only help to keep your upper body mobile, but it will also help to limber up your ankles. Having flexible ankles makes it easier for you to do squats, lunges, and deadlifts, and will help to reduce your risk of injury. To perform the exercise, assume the plank position, with your hands on a short box or a low step. Slowly “walk” your feet toward your hand, rounding your upper back the closer your feet move. Keep those heels driving into the floor and your palms flat, and feel the stretch in your upper back and ankles.

Pigeon Stretch

Pigeon Stretches are excellent for your hips, particularly your off hip–the one that is used less. Most people shift their weight to their right hip, so the left hip is the one that gets tightest. Intense lower body exercise can cause hip problems if your left hip is less flexible than your right. To perform the Pigeon Stretch, get on your hands and knees, kneeling on a soft pad. Place your left heel beneath your right hip, and push your right knee into the left calf. Shift your hips back and forth and side to side, feeling the stretch. Spend more time on your left hip than the right.

Plank Hold

Building a strong core is a good way to reduce your risk of injuries. After all, if you have strong abs, side, and back muscles, you’ll have an easier time supporting the heavy weights you are lifting. Do at least 30 seconds of Plank Hold per day, with the goal of working up to 60, then 120 seconds at a time. By the time you reach 60, you’ll have a much stronger core!

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