5 Factor Diet: The Good and the Bad

The 5 Factor Diet is a celebrity diet and workout plan that has been taking Hollywood by storm, and has become extremely popular with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Robert Pattison.  It revolves around a simple system dictates how you exercise, how you eat, and how you cheat on your diet!

By taking a new look at how people attempt to fit good nutrition and exercise into their lives, Harley Pasternak came up with a system that is designed to give you the nutrition you need from easy-to-prepare meals, and get in workouts where you can, rather than feel guilty about missing a few gym sessions.

The Basics

The basic idea behind the 5 Factor Diet is that it’s more effective to eat smaller meals more frequently, and to exercise for shorter periods more often. Harley has divided every part of this diet and exercise plan into easy-to-understand chunks of five, which makes it easy to remember what you need to do or eat to keep on track.

There is a simple five-week exercise plan designed to give you guaranteed results in this time.  In addition, there is also a five-meals-a-day plan that helps you to easily adjust to ‘grazing’, or eating smaller meals more often.  This helps to boost your metabolism and prevent you from feeling hungry between meals and snacking.

Each meal on the 5 Factor Diet is easy to prepare in around five minutes, and uses only five ingredients (you see where this is going with the whole ‘five’ thing…). The workout plan involves easy 25-minute routines of five exercises each, and in each five week cycle there are five days where you’re allowed to cheat on your diet, making it feel like less of a hardship to maintain an eating and workout plan.

What We Like

Harley’s 5 Factor Diet is easy to understand and relatively easy to implement to lose weight.  The meals are the best part.  By sticking to the five ingredients rule and using the meal ideas that come included with the diet it’s easy to come up with a whole range of dishes that are quick to prepare, low in fat and contain all of the nutrients vitamins you need to keep a good, healthy diet going.

The fact that the 5 Factor Diet has such a good proven track record of success with millions of members and various celebrity users means that there is definitely something worthwhile in the 5 Factor Diet.

What We Don’t Like

Depending on your lifestyle, you may find the 5 Factor Diet difficult to follow.  The major change is going over to five smaller meals a day.  If you have a very busy schedule, and you have a family that is used to eating one large dinner in the evenings, it becomes a question of whether or not you have the patience and resources to prepare those extra meals for yourself – but this is a problem with just about any diet when you have a family, so if you’re serious about it, suck it up!

The only other criticism one can make about Harley’s 5 Factor Diet is that it is a little too rigid and structured according to his ‘five of everything’ philosophy – there’s no good reason why five-ingredient meals and five-exercise workouts are a good way of dieting and exercising.

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