6 Best Foods to Lose Belly Fat

When you think of trying to lose weight, really what you’re thinking of is getting rid of belly fat. Most overweight people have a lot of their excess concentrated around their midsections, and that’s the stuff they need to lose for the sake of their health and wellbeing. Exercise, controlling stress, and sleeping more are all crucial ways to lose belly fat, but in the end, it’s often down to diet most importantly of all. Here are some of the best foods to lose belly fat today:


Avocadoes are loaded with healthy fats and fiber, along with a lot of critical vitamins and minerals. Simply put, they’re one of the best foods to lose belly fat, for a number of reasons! Not only are they incredibly filling, but they can actually help your body target belly fat for burning throughout the day. Studies indicated that eating one avocado a day for three months led to significant decrease in belly fat. Make it into a smoothie or shake, have it on toast, or add it into your tacos or salad. You’ll find it does wonders to make your food tastier and helps you to lose belly fat.


Legumes are nutrient powerhouses that contain a lot of protein, fiber, and minerals. Of all the legume family, none are quite as good as lentils. Lentils can help to increase the amount of soluble fiber you get in your diet, which will increase the amount of belly fat your body burns on a daily basis. The fiber will also help with your digestive process, feed your gut bacteria, and help with healthy elimination of wastes. Best of all, it’s a plant-based protein that gives you lots of amino acids without any saturated fats.

Green Tea

Green tea is amazing for your metabolism, but did you know that it can actually target belly fat for burning? The antioxidants in green tea will specifically burn your visceral fat and help to activate stores fat cells, making it easier for you to lose weight around your midsection.


Salmon—particularly wild-caught salmon—is very good for helping you to burn belly fat. It’s got a very high Vitamin D level, and studies have shown that Vitamin D is critical for utilizing stored fats. You’ll get as much as 80% of your daily dose of Vitamin D from a healthy meal of salmon. Plus, the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are amazing for your brain health and works as an anti-inflammatory. It’s one of the best proteins you can eat!


Nuts are an amazing source of healthy fats, along with fiber, protein, some carbs, and a whole lot of very important vitamins. They’re particularly rich in magnesium, a mineral your body needs to improve your sleep habits and strengthen your mental health. Studies indicate that eating just one portion of nuts per day can lower your blood pressure and encourage weight loss around your waistline. You don’t need to eat a lot, but even a small handful or snack of nuts can make a huge difference in your daily fat-burning!

Whole Grains

Whole grains don’t work the same as refined grains. While white flour, rice, and pasta increase belly fat stores, whole grains actually help to target belly fat and encourage easier calorie-burning. Studies found that eating more whole grains led to a decrease in subcutaneous and visceral belly fat, both of which are the bad kinds that contribute to heart problems and diabetes. Stick with one or two small portions per day, but make sure to include whole grains in your diet!

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