6 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be both difficult and expensive! Low-quality foods (the ones that cause weight gain) tend to be cheapest, so it can get pricey to buy high-quality weight loss foods. But we’ve got good news: it doesn’t have to break your budget! Check out our cheap ways to lose weight today:

Stop Buying Junk

This is the #1 trick that can help you both cut your shopping bill and increase your weight loss! You can only eat what you have in your house, which means anything you physically buy on your shopping trips out. If you want to make it easier to lose weight, just don’t buy and bring junk home. Keep your fridge, pantry, and freezer full of only healthy, weight loss-friendly food. It’s one of the best cheap ways to lose weight.

Eat In More

Eating out is a wonderful way to enjoy the cuisine available in your city, but it can be both pricey and unfriendly to your weight loss efforts. Instead of trying to find restaurants that offer low-calorie options (which tend to be more expensive), just don’t go out to eat. Cook and eat all your meals at home. Not only will it give you more control over what you put in your body, but it will be significantly cheaper!

Reward Yourself the Healthy Way

A lot of us tend to go to special meals out when celebrating an important milestone or event. Time to switch that up! Instead of rewarding yourself with a meal, consider planning something else, something a bit more active. For example, celebrate your anniversary by hiking to the top of a beautiful mountain or cliff overlooking the ocean. Celebrate that big promotion you just got by playing paintball, Airsoft, or any number of other sport activities. Stop thinking about food as the reward and celebration, and start looking for other ways to feel good!

Make Small Changes

Don’t overhaul your diet from one day to the next, but start small. Think about unnecessary foods you can cut from your diet—and your budget—and start looking for healthy options. Don’t buy new and unfamiliar foods in bulk just because they’re “healthy”. Instead, start with smaller packages, and test them to be sure you actually like them before buying larger quantities. You’ll spend less—and waste less—if you start off by making small changes to your eating and shopping habits.

Cut Back Gym Spending

A lot of people love the time they spend at the gym, but how many gyms, classes, and fitness sessions can you actually attend in a single week? If you’re signed up for too many classes, it may get both outrageously expensive and impractical. Focus on one gym or fitness class at a time, and make the most of the time you spend there. Find other ways to get active—run, walk, cycle, or jog in your nearby parks, where there’s no charge for exercise. Trim back your gym spending to the absolute minimum to keep your budget tight and your workout laser focused.

Eat the Cheaper Produce

Don’t be the kind of person who ALWAYS has to have avocado in their meals, or who chooses the fruits they like even when they’re not in season. Try buying whatever fruits and vegetables are cheapest and most readily available. Not only will this help you cut back on expenses, but you’ll be exposed to new produce that will force you to expand your cooking skills and try new things. You may just find something you love that way!

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