6 Mood Boosting Recipes to Make You Feel Better Today

Your digestive system controls so much more than just your ability to process the food you eat! Thanks to your digestive tract, you provide your body the nutrients it needs to function, keeps you energized, and even regulate your brain and controls your emotions. If you want to feel happier as well as healthier, here are a few mood boosting recipes that will do wonders to lift your spirits and improve your digestive function:

Fruit Parfait

What could be better for your digestive tract than fruits? Berries, in particular, are wonderful for your digestive system, and they contain a host of fatty acids and antioxidants that will boost brain function. Add in probiotic yoghurt, and you’ve got one of the best mood boosting recipes on the planet! Probiotics will enhance gut health and balance your gut bacteria, leading to more stable mood. With a bit of oats or homemade granola sprinkled over the top to provide a healthy dose of fiber and complex carbs, you’ve got a winner!

Miso Soup

Japanese miso soup is made from fermented soy beans, which makes it a feast for your gut bacteria. Add in a bit of tofu, some bean sprouts, and delicious seaweed, and you’ve got a healthy dose of both protein and dietary fiber. A simple miso soup can be a staple at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it will be amazing for improving your gut health as well as your mood.

Asian Pork Roast with Kimchi Brussel Sprouts

Turn your favorite pork roast into an Asian feast by including sesame seed oil, soy sauce, and a splash of fish sauce in the marinade. Finish it off with kimchi Brussel sprouts, which marries the probiotic benefits of kimchi with the high fiber content of Brussel sprouts. This recipe will go a long way toward providing a healthy dose of protein, fiber, minerals, and gut-friendly bacteria. To really make it a mood-boosting recipe, serve it over a bed of high-fiber, high-mineral brown rice. The boost in fiber will feed the beneficial bacteria and improve your overall mood.

Turkey Wrap

Few proteins are able to boost your mood as effectively as turkey, thanks to its high tryptophan content. The tryptophan doesn’t just put you to sleep, but it also helps your brain to produce more serotonin. To make your turkey meal a truly healthy one, make it into a wrap! Use a brown flour tortilla, wrap your grilled turkey breast with salad, diced tomatoes, greek yoghurt, and plenty of hot salsa, and you’ve got a meal that will leave your stomach and brain feeling like champions!

Tuna Steak Salad

Fresh tuna makes for one hell of a lunch or dinner, especially when lightly grilled on the outside, giving it a beautiful sear while leaving the inside pink and fresh. Tuna’s also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that will give you a brain boost and help to regulate your emotions. Serve it atop a bed of arugula and spring salad mix, with sesame seeds and a healthy turmeric and yoghurt dressing. You’ll find that the combination makes for a delicious, brain-boosting treat that will do wonders for your digestive tract and waistline both.

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Shrimp does wonders for your body, thanks to the high protein content and the hefty dose of nutrients. Turn it into a brain-boosting meal by pairing it with jicama, kale, spinach, and pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with healthy brain-boosting fats, and the fiber in the jicama, kale, and spinach will keep things fresh and healthy.

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