6 Positive Health Affirmations to Improve Your Wellness

Being more positive about your health can have a direct impact on your wellness overall. In fact, if you use positive health affirmations, you can change your mindset and approach your diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle from a new, positive, healthy attitude! Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite affirmations to include in your day. These positive health affirmations will go a long way toward building a mindset that strives for a healthy, happier you overall.

Affirmation #1: I am getting healthier and healthier every day!

Put this affirmation out there, and it will become so. If you tell yourself you’re getting healthier, you’ll find that it actually happens, mainly because you’re keeping that improved health in mind. And, thanks to the positive affirmations, you’ll take the steps that help you bring this statement into reality.

Affirmation #2: I eat right, avoid junk food, and treat my body with respect.

This is an affirmation that can do wonders to help you clean up your diet. The more you say it, the more you’ll start to believe it. And, as you believe it, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to improve your eating habits, to clear away the junk from your food and life, and to actually show your body the respect it deserves.

Affirmation #3: I am conscious of my health and my decisions reflect that consciousness.

Remember: everything you do, everything you eat, and everything you expose your body to will affect your health. By training yourself to be more conscious of your health, you start to make choices that will positively affect your health rather than negatively. And, not only will you become conscious of your health in relation to your diet, but you’ll start to examine your mobility, flexibility, fitness overall, even the general state of your digestion, nervous system, and energy levels. Being more conscious of your overall health can help you to start taking steps toward improving that health every day.

Affirmation #4: I am joyful, no matter how my external surroundings change.

Being positive in mind can lead to a healthier body! So many of us suffer from a tendency to “eat our feelings”, or to snack when things get stressful. That can lead to weight gain, thanks to the fact that we usually eat junk food or comfort foods. But, by using this affirmation to manage your feelings and maintain a positive attitude, you can stop yourself from giving in to the feelings that are affected by the circumstances around you.

Affirmation #5: I bless my body and it blesses me.

This affirmation is important for establishing a clear relationship between your decisions and your overall health. As you start to realize what your actions do to your body and how those choices affect your health overall, you’ll start to put into perspective the importance of making healthy choices. By saying these words aloud, you’ll begin to establish a healthier relationship between your mental attitude, your outlook on your diet and exercise choices, and your wellness. It will lead to a much healthier, happier you in the end.

Affirmation #6: Healthy, wealthy, and wise are the words I live by.

Our health is so important, but it’s often the first thing we sacrifice for the sake of career, work, or our professional lives. So while “wealthy” is critical, the “wise” part of this affirmation is even more important to help us make the right choices that will lead to our better health overall. Wisdom will help us find the balance between healthy and wealthy!

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