6 Signs Stress is Killing You Slowly

Stress is one of the most common risk factors in something like 80% of health problems and illnesses on the planet. Let that sink in for a moment! All that stress you’re carrying around is definitely going to negatively affect your health—not just your mental and emotional health, but your physical wellbeing as well. Here are a few of the signs that will prove stress is killing you one day at a time:


If your digestive system isn’t quite working well, it’s often a sign of stress. Your brain is closely linked to your gut, so when your brain is out of whack with all that stress, your intestines will usually show what’s going on in a very visible way. Peptic ulcers are just one of the many signs of stress, and they’re triggered by higher acid production in the stomach—the result of the stress in your brain. Digestive problems can rob you of critical nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the carbs and fats you burn for energy. Stress could ultimately lead to your nutritional deficiencies!


Tension headaches are one of the most common signs of a stressed-out person. Stress can trigger both tension-type headaches and migraines, or can make existing headache problems a whole lot worse. From low-grade throbbing to a sharp stabbing pain in your brain, headaches are a very real problem for people who live with stress. And nothing impacts quality of life quite as visibly as a nasty headache!


That’s right, stress can trigger dehydration, just like dehydration can trigger stress. Dehydration stimulates the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which affects your body in a number of ways—from lowering other hormone production to raising your appetite for unhealthy foods. Drinking a few more glasses of water is the simple solution to keeping your stress levels in check.

Hair Loss

Yes, your hair loss problem is most likely directly linked to your stress problems. Stress can cause three different types of hair loss: telogen effluvium, which is the result of stress pushing the hair into the “resting phase” that causes it to fall out; alopecia areta, an auto-immune disorder where the body attacks hair follicles; and trichotillomania, an irresistible urge to pull the hair out of your body. They’re not ONLY the result of stress, but stress plays a huge factor in the onset of these hair loss conditions. Stress can also mess with the balance of your hormones, including the hormones that control your hair growth and loss. Suffice it to say, the last thing you want when you’re dealing with hair loss problems is more stress in your life.

Decreased Happiness

When you’re stressed, you often find it difficult to enjoy the things you once used to. You struggle to get through your day, and you often find yourself heading the way of anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional health problems. These can all serious impair the quality of your life, and can lead you down some dark paths. Chronic, long-term stress can be one of the worst things for your mental health, and it’s definitely dangerous if not managed!

Bad Sleep

When you’re stressed, your sleep schedule goes to hell. You may spend more time tossing and turning, experiencing stressful dreams, or leading to insomnia. And when you don’t sleep, your brain can’t function properly. You tend to experience sleep loss-induced health problems, your appetite rises, and you’re tired all the time. A lack of sleep can be terrible for your health, even having long-term health consequences.

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