6 Tools to Help You Recover from Sore Muscles

Sore muscles can make everything more painful the day after a workout! Whether you’re just rolling out of bed, tying your shoes, or trying to get your daily work done, you’ll find that those sore, tense muscles can stop you from going about your daily activities as easily and comfortably as you usually do. While they’re typically a sign that you’ve done a good workout, they can also indicate a lack of stretching, warming up, and cooling down. Thankfully, there are some nifty tools to help you recover from sore muscles.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for those with sore muscles, as they can help to loosen up the tension and help to elongate tight, stiff muscle tissue. They’re also an incredible tool to use for your daily workouts, as they can drastically reduce post-workout soreness. You’ll find that spending a few minutes rolling out your muscles before and after a workout will do wonders to increase muscular growth and improve circulation to your muscles. Definitely one of the top tools to help you recover from sore muscles!

Roller Ball

Muscle roller balls are specifically designed to help you work out kinks, knots, and sore spots in your muscles. Unlike the wide, flat surface of foam rollers, roller balls concentrate all of their contact into a single spot, meaning all of the pressure is on that one spot. It’s an amazing tool to help you deal with knots in your spine or in your upper back, a common problem among people who deal with a lot of stress.

Percussive Massager

A percussive massager is a gun-looking device that uses repetitive percussion on your muscles to work the kinks and knots out, similar to an intense massage. You’ll find that it does an amazing job of loosening up fascia and relaxing tension in sore and stiff muscles. It’s particularly effective for those who have limited mobility, as it can be used by a helpful partner or friend to apply direct percussive pressure to the sore spots.

Fascia Blaster

This device is similar to a foam roller, in the sense that it works to break up the fascia in your body to help work out the soreness in your muscles. However, unlike a roller, you don’t lie all of your weight on the fascia blaster. Instead, you grip the handles and pull them into your body as hard as you want. This allows for adjustable pressure based on your pain tolerance, making it a bit easier to get through your pre- and post-workout rolling with less pain.

Electrical Stimulators

Similar to the stimulators used by chiropractors, these are designed to be applied to tension or soreness hot spots and send an electrical current through the muscles. This can do wonders to loosen up really tight muscles, and can help you to deal with excessive soreness after an intense workout. Many of these electrical stimulator devices are controlled via your smart phone, and they’re compact enough that they can travel with you everywhere you go. They’re a faster, more effective way to loosen up your tight muscles that won’t require any kind of rolling.

Stretching Bands

Stretching bands and Yoga straps are amazing for working out soreness! They’re designed to help you pull your legs and arms into a deeper stretch, which will pull on tight muscles to loosen them up more effectively. They’re definitely handy to have at home if you spend a lot of time doing stretching exercises as your pre-workout warm-up and a post-workout cooldown.

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