7 Simple Diet Secrets for Killer Abs

A rockin’ six pack is made 30% in the gym, but 70% of your results are going to come from the food you eat. If you really want to see results, you’re going to have to seriously clean up your diet! Here are a few simple diet secrets for killer abs:

Add Healthy Fats

You’re going to get most of your daily fat intake from the animal proteins you eat (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.), but you should still add a little bit of healthy unsaturated fat–coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and nut butters. You don’t need a lot, but just enough to increase your fat intake.

Cut Carbs

Carbs are going to go straight to your gut! They’re the first thing your body absorbs, so they’re the most likely to cause weight gain. To really see the results, you’ll need scale your carb intake way back. That means limiting yourself to having carbs at no more than 1 out of every 3 meals. It will be the best way to burn off that excess body fat. However, you shouldn’t totally eliminate carbs, as they are your body’s primary source of energy. Just limit your carbs, and make sure that the carbs you do eat are complex and packed with nutrients.

Improve Your Protein

This doesn’t just mean to eat more protein, but better quality protein as well. Instead of eating a lot of pork and red meat, focus on the healthier proteins: eggs, fish, chicken, and turkey. Get plenty of plant-based protein from legumes, seeds, and nuts, but animal proteins provide the widest range of amino acids. If you’re serious about getting shredded, add protein powder to your diet.

Fuel Up Right

If you want to hit your workouts hard, it’s vital that you give your body the nutrients it needs. That means carbs and protein, which will provide glucose and ATP energy. You don’t need to eat a lot–just 200 to 300 calories will do–but it’s vital that you do eat so that you’ll have the energy needed to get through your workout.

Eat After the Workout

This is probably the most important part of your eating habits! Immediately after your workout, have a small (300 or so calories) recovery drink, made with protein and carbs to a 2:1 ratio (twice as much protein). Then, no more than 90 minutes after your workout ends, have a balanced meal of carbs and proteins. This will fuel your body’s recovery efforts, helping it to make repairs after an intense workout.

Snack Between Meals

Don’t think this gives you an excuse to snack on whatever you want. This between-meal snack is meant to keep your blood sugar levels normal and your appetite satiated. You really only need 200 to 300 calories at each snack–less, if you can get away with it. The purpose of these snacks is to keep your energy levels high and prevent your body from catabolizing muscle tissue for glucose. When it comes to meal time, eat smaller meals as well. Just because you’re eating more often, that doesn’t mean you should eat MORE.

Drink More Liquids

By “liquids”, we mean the healthy ones: water, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and so on. Fruit juices and sports drinks are filled with unnecessary sugar, and don’t even get us started on sodas and “fruit drinks”. The more water you drink, the better! Water helps to keep your metabolism fired up and active, making it easier to burn calories all day long. Drink no fewer than 3 quarts of water per day–up to 5 is good!

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