7 Simple Health Tricks That Will Help You Live Longer

The key to living longer is all about making small changes to your daily life, changes that will improve your health in small ways every day. You don’t need to totally overhaul your diet, workout program, or lifestyle. Instead, making a few minor changes will be enough to keep you healthy and extend your lifespan. Try these simple health tricks to live longer:

Reduce Stress

Stress takes a toll on your body, promoting chronic inflammation that can lead to a number of health conditions and diseases. Managing and reducing stress is crucial for a healthy body and a long life. The less stress you have in your life, the easier it will be for your immune system to keep disease at bay and your organs to function properly.

Move More

A lot of us spend our hour at the gym every day then go home satisfied that we’ve done enough movement. While that quality gym time is always a good investment, the best way to be healthy and live longer is to move more. Get in your workout, but make it a point to move throughout the day, too. Mow your lawn, rake your yard, clean something, sweep and mop your floor, go for an afternoon or evening walk, and play with your kids. The more you move, the easier it will be for you to burn calories and keep your metabolism active throughout the day. Even small, regular movement is better than nothing!

Cut Back by 20%

Look at how much you currently eat, then scale it back by twenty percent. It doesn’t sound like a lot—and it really isn’t, in terms of a single meal—but over the course of your day, that’s one-fifth of the total calories you consume. For an average person, that can be up to 500 calories! Eating just 20% less at each meal is an excellent way to control your appetite and prevent overeating.

Stack Your Meals Right

Always start with the biggest meal of the day first thing in the morning, then have a decent-sized lunch and a small afternoon or evening dinner. People in the longest-lived, healthiest regions in the world tend to have only a small meal in the afternoon or evening, and they have the biggest meals earlier in the day.

Moderate Alcohol Intake

Stick with one drink per day for women, or two per day for men. Ideally, make it “healthier” alcohols like red wine, dark beer, or whisky, or low-calorie alcohols like vodka or gin. Stay away from mixers and drinks that contain a lot of sugary soda or juice. Limiting alcohol intake is one of the best ways to enjoy life while still keeping yourself and your calorie intake in check.

Try for Plant-Forward Meals

Your best bet is to eat as much plant-based food as possible, as that’s the food that will lengthen your lifespan and protect your body against disease. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and legumes are all amazing for your health, and they will help you to live longer. That doesn’t mean you should cut meat from your diet—your body needs the nutrients you can get easily from animal products—but your meals should always be heavy on the plants.

Cut Artificial Food

The less artificial, packaged, and processed food you eat, the better! Not only will you decrease your risk of chronic health problems, but you’ll avoid unnecessary calories and artificial flavorings that are designed to make you want to eat more. The result will be a much healthier diet and one that leads to a longer life

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