7 Supplements You Actually Need

Supplements come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and a whole range of other nutrients. However, the truth is that many of them don’t actually benefit your body because your body is unable to absorb the nutrients easily. Thus, a lot of what is in the supplement just goes to waste—excreted via your urine. However, some supplements can do your body a lot of good thanks to their bioavailable structure. Here are a few supplements you actually need and will do wonders for your body:

Liquid Carbs

If you’re doing an extra long workout (more than 90 to 120 minutes), you may want to have a liquid carb supplement handy in case you run out of energy. The average human body has stored enough glucose for an hour or so of intense exercise. If you plan on prolonging the workout and pushing your body to its limits, you’ll need this supplement to add to your energy stores. Liquid carbs will deliver a small dose of concentrated carbs that will replenish burned energy. You won’t stop the fat loss, but you will keep your body going for longer.

Vitamin B Complex

A Vitamin B complex delivers more of the B vitamins that you need for a faster metabolism, better immune function, and balanced hormones. A complex B vitamin delivers many different types of B vitamins that, when paired with Vitamin D, can help to increase your bone and muscle mass while encouraging better fat utilization.


If you want to have a healthier body, you need more Omega-3s in your life. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce oxidative stress, improve heart health, boost your immunity to disease, and so much more. They are even good for your brain and can help to improve your organ function. Adding more of these vital fatty acids to your diet—either in food form or supplement form—will go a long way toward keeping you healthy.


A caffeine supplement is something to take before hitting the gym, as it can help to boost your energy levels, reduce feelings of fatigue, and prevent muscle soreness after the workout. Caffeine also has pain-numbing properties that will help you to push harder at the gym. It’s not a supplement to take any time in the day, but if taken specifically for your workout, it can be just the thing to keep you going!


Creatine is a supplement that should be taken if you want to improve your muscle-building results. Creatine is used for the production of ATP energy, the only type of energy your muscles can burn. By taking creatine as a pre-workout supplement, you increase the energy available during your training and encourage faster muscle growth. It can even help to boost your max strength, giving you more power for hitting those sets and reps like a boss!


Magnesium is a mineral you often have a hard time getting enough of. It plays a role in bone health, keeps your muscles contracting efficiently, boosts brain function, and even encourages healthier function at a cellular level. Taking a magnesium supplement will ensure you get enough of this vital mineral to stay healthy.


Live beneficial bacteria is excellent for your health, as it can help to balance out your gut flora and encourage better digestive and immune function. You can try probiotic supplements, probiotic yoghurts, kefir, or other probiotic foods to improve the health of your intestinal bacteria.

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