7 Weight Loss Tricks that Will Get the Job Done

Struggling with weight loss but want to kick things up a notch? Try these simple and effective weight loss tricks and start seeing results today:

Eat with Chopsticks

It may sound silly, but eating with chopsticks is a surprisingly effective way to eat less. The amount of effort that goes into using chopsticks will require more dexterity, which means you won’t end up binge-eating like you would with a fork or spoon. Slowing down when eating anything—not just Asian food, but all cuisine types—will do wonders to help you eat less in the long run.

Cut it Smaller

No matter what you’re eating, take the time to cut everything into smaller bites! A new study out of Arizona State University found that people who ate a cut-up bagel ate less of it than those who were given a fully intact bagel. They also ended up eating less when they sat down to a free lunch shortly afterward. The brain is trained to register each bite as a smaller part of the whole portion, and smaller bites end up being more satisfying. Portion control gets a whole lot easier when you take smaller bites.

“Close” the Kitchen

If you want to make sure you don’t snack on the wrong things at the wrong times, make it a point to “close” your kitchen every night. Shoot for a reasonable time—say around 7 PM, after you’ve had a meal. Keep the ingredients for making tea in your dining room, and make sure you have water handy. Drinking more fluids at night will help you prevent snacking, and you’ll find that closing the kitchen will stop you from feeling snacky.

Plan Your Meals Out

Don’t just be a spur of the moment diner, but make it a point to know what you’re eating and where before you go out. That way, you won’t be caught unprepared staring at a menu with mostly unhealthy or non-diet-friendly options, but you’ll be able to take charge of what you eat. Do a bit of research into a restaurant’s menu before heading for a meal out.

Make Snacks Work for Your Diet

Don’t snack as a means of satisfying a craving or getting a bit more sugar; instead, treat snacks as part of your daily eating plan. Use them to keep you satiated between meals, and make sure they are heavy on the proteins and healthy fats. Nuts, veggie sticks, peanut butter, and fruit slices all make excellent healthy snacks.

Count and Reduce

Did you know that counting your bites can help you to reduce the amount of food you eat? One study from Brigham Young University got a number of students to count their bites per day, then challenged them to reduce that number by 20%. The students who managed to hit the 20% reduction lost four pounds over the course of just one month. Counting bites is a great way to get a feel for how much you eat, and will help you manage food intake and keep your portions limited. It’s just being more conscientious!

Get Rid of Sweets

Want to make sure you avoid eating sweets? Get them out of your house! If you have sweets at home, you’re going to end up eating them. By clearing them out of your house and making sure not to stock them again, you’ll find it’s significantly easier to avoid snacking on them on those evenings when you’re feeling like a sweet treat. Stick with fruit as your only dessert!

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