8 Best Exercises for Manly Men

If you want to truly be a manly man, you’ve got to work out like a man! That means pushing your body to its limits and doing the workouts that will develop muscle to the max. Here are the best exercises for manly men to add to their workouts:

Incline Curls

To shred those biceps, don’t waste your time on Preacher Curls, Concentration Curls, or Barbell Curls. Instead, grab a pair of dumbbells, lean back on an incline bench, and curl! You get a greater range of motion with this exercise, meaning your biceps have to work extra hard to lift the weights. To take the exercise to the extreme, hold the weights at the mid-point for 5 seconds half-way through lowering them.

Front Squat (with Elevated Heels)

Doing a Front Squat takes the strain off your back, placing it squarely on your legs. If you elevate your heels, you keep your torso in the proper position–reducing back strain further. Place your heels on weight plates, grab your Barbell in a front grip (across the front of your shoulders), and squat.

Dumbbell Bench Press

While Barbells allow you to bench more weight, using dumbbells will force your secondary muscles to work harder. After all, there is no bar holding them in place–only your core and stabilizer muscles. Switch up your regular bench press for a few sets with dumbbells, and feel the burn in your chest!

Single-Arm Bottom Up Kettlebell Press

For those who want to shred their shoulders, this is a wicked workout to try! Doing a single-arm shoulder press engages your core along with your shoulder muscles, forcing your sides to do a lot of the work. When you hold the kettlebell bottom-up, it helps to build stability in your shoulder and strengthens your grip. If you want to increase the difficulty, do it while kneeling!

Straight-Leg Deadlift

You can’t have strong legs without strong hamstrings. While your quads are the largest leg muscles, your hamstrings are to your legs as your biceps are to your arms. You need them to run, jump, and play. Doing deadlifts with straight legs will engage the hamstrings and glutes instead of the lower back, helping you to develop strength in the muscles that pull your legs. This can help you keep your hips flexible as well!

Floor Press

To build more strength in your triceps, this is definitely the exercise to try! This is traditionally an exercise for your chest, but it works wonders for your triceps as well. It’s easier on your elbow, and allows you to add a greater load to your chest and arms. Lie on the floor and bench press a barbell or dumbbells to your chest, without letting your elbows touch the ground.

Chest-Supported Dumbbell Row

This exercise is the diametric opposite of a bench press, and it’s amazing for your upper back! Lie on a bench, face down, gripping a dumbbell in each hand. Row those dumbbells to your ribs, and feel the burn in your back muscles. This will help to correct any imbalances in your back muscles.

Barbell Hip Thrust

All manly men have solid glutes, which help to keep your back straight and your hips strong. Barbell Hip Thrusts are excellent for your glutes, and they’ll help to work your lower back at the same time. Sit on the floor, with your back against a bench and your feet flat. Place a barbell across your lap, and thrust your hips to the ceiling. Hold for a 5-count, then lower to the ground. Repeat as desired.

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