8 Best Weight Loss Apps

There are smartphone apps out there for everything these days. So it’s no surprise that there are also several iPhone and Android applications to help you lose weight.

These weight loss tools can be great for helping you stay on track to meet your fitness goals. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket at all times. Best of all, many of these apps are free!

Here are a few great smartphone apps to help you eat better, exercise and lose weight:

Restaurant Nutrition

This restaurant nutrition app is a must have for anyone trying to lose weight. Let’s face it, you’re still going to find yourself in restaurants no matter how hard you’re trying to lose weight.

Restaurant Nutrition has the nutritional information of over 250 apps in its database. Find out exactly how many calories are in that cobb salad before you chow down. Sadly, it might be a lot more than you realize!

Cost: Free or $3.99 for no-ads



Most people claim to want to achieve a balanced diet, but how many of us actually succeed at doing so? The 40:30:30 app helps users keep track of what percentage of carbohydrates, protein and fat is in their diet. Nutritionists recommend consuming calories in the following fashion: 40% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from fat. Use the 40:30:30 app to track each meal and stay on track with a balanced diet.

Even if you are on a low carb diet this app can still be helpful. Just strive for percentages along the lines of 10:50:40 instead of 40:30:30.

Cost: Free


Eat This, Not That! The Game

Who said weight loss can’t be fun? With the game Eat This, Not That!, you are shown pictures of two different meals and have to choose which one is the most nutritious. The results might surprise you!

Not only will you have fun but you will also learn a thing or two about exactly how many calories are in certain meals. Information is power so have some fun and learn a thing or two about food while you’re at it!

Cost: Free with $0.99 upgrades for Fast Food, Supermarket and other editions


Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary

The Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary is a great, comprehensive app for weight loss. The app allows you to scan barcodes of food items or choose from the more than 420,000 food items in the app’s database to keep track of the foods you are eating in order to count calories. Additionally, you can input your weight, exercise level, and water intake for comprehensive results and graphs to show your weight loss progress.

Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary not only can do it all but also costs nothing!

Cost: Free


Diet Point (Android only)

Think of the Diet Point app as your weight loss assistant. It will help you keep track of calories or Weight Watchers points while also working with you to compile shopping lists for just about any type of diet plan.

Diet Point also connects you to a community of others losing weight so you can find the support and motivation you need to stick with your goals.

Cost: Free



Serious about using weight-training exercises to lose weight? Then Jefit is the app for you.

This app will help track gym workouts to create custom routines and to track your progress on strength and muscle growth. If you’re looking to get more organized with your workouts, Jefit is a must-have.

Cost: Free



The people from the health blog DailyBurn have created their own comprehensive weight loss app called, well, DailyBurn. This app can do it all:

  • track workouts
  • track nutrition
  • track weight
  • graph progress (who doesn’t like a good graph?)
  • dispense professional advice
  • food tracker with nutrition info
  • consult with a trainer
  • …and more

Cost: Free with paid add-ons



Weight loss is easier to achieve when you’re remaining active and exercising daily. GymGoal helps you stay on a nice fitness plan by offering balanced workout routines, and exercise training information to help you reach your goals. GymGoal scores points among customers for being more customizable than most workout and fitness apps.

Cost: Free or $4.99 for Olympic Edition

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