8 Drinks You’d Better Avoid

If your goal is to lose weight, alcoholic drinks could be your worst enemy! It’s very difficult to stop yourself with just one drink, and alcohol makes it easier for you to let down your guard and say, “A little bit won’t hurt”. Unless you have amazing self-control, you’ll rarely stop at a little bit. But the drinks themselves can also work against you. Some contain more calories than you think, and they can set back your weight loss a lot. Here are a few of the drinks you’d better avoid while on your diet:

Hard Cider

Hard cider is about as “healthy” as fruit roll-ups. It is a bit lower in calories than beer, but you get A LOT of sugar in every pint–about 10 teaspoons. That could set back your weight loss big-time, and you may find yourself regretting every one of those fresh, tasty little bottles of hard cider.

Bloody Mary

You may think that this is the “healthy” cocktail thanks to the fact that it contains tomato juice, but you’ll find that it’s a lot higher in calories than you once thought. Add in the vodka, spices, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and other ingredients, and you end up drinking around 300 calories per Bloody Mary. Try it as a hangover remedy, and it may actually keep you feeling hung-over for longer.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is delicious and unique, but the higher alcohol content means a higher calorie content. Your average craft beer has close to 300 calories, thrice what you’d get from a mild-tasting light beer. You end up getting more calories per beer than you would in a big candy bar. Stick with light beer or no beer at all!

White Russian

You’d be stunned by how many calories there are in a single White Russian! Not only are you getting the calories from the Kahlua (Alcohol + sugar), but you’re also adding in the calories of the cream. Even a tiny White Russian will still deliver anywhere from 200 to 300 calories. Not the best drink if you’re trying to keep it light!

Irish Car Bomb

While this may be one of the tastiest “guy cocktails”, it’s definitely not the best for weight loss. Not only are you drinking heavy dark stout (richer and higher in calories than any other beer), but you’re also getting a lot of extra calories from the shot of Irish cream and whiskey. Just one can deliver a hefty 300-400 calories–definitely not your friend while on a diet!


The fact that daiquiris are made with fruit doesn’t make them “healthy”. The sugar may be natural, but it’s still sugar. Add that to the extra-sweet rum, and you’ve got a diet-buster for sure!

Rum and Diet Coke

Rum and coke is one of the most popular drinks, but the cola contains A LOT more sugar than you want–as does the rum. You may think that having a diet coke makes it a healthier choice, but all you’re doing is reducing the number of calories in the drink. The aspartame in the soda delivers the same rush of glucose as regular sugar, the only difference is that the drink claims to be “low calorie”. Rum is also a high-sugar drink, so you’re better off drinking vodka or tequila.

Old Fashioned

The fact that simple syrup is the main ingredient in this drink means you’re enjoying a pretty hefty serving of liquid sugar. You get 5 teaspoons of added sugar per ounce of simple syrup, making this a drink that can take quite the toll on your diet.

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