8 Effective Tricks to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, it probably feels like you’ll never see the results you want. All your efforts may feel hopeless, no matter how strictly you diet, how much you exercise, or how much you work toward getting fit. But it’s not hopeless! Here are a few effective tricks to try that will help to speed up your weight loss noticeably:

Wait Out Your Cravings

Whether you’re craving a snack, a sweet treat, or a second helping of food, time is your best weapon in the fight! Remember that it takes for your stomach to register that you’re full, so you won’t realize that you’re not hungry until 10 or 20 minutes after you finish eating. Cravings are also very fleeting, and will usually pass within 5 to 10 minutes if you can distract yourself. Make it a point to occupy your mind for 10 to 20 minutes anytime you feel those cravings or hunger pangs after a meal, and you may just find the cravings disappear easily!

Plan Your Meals

And that doesn’t just mean planning your daily or weekly menu for home-cooking! When traveling, find restaurants that offer healthy options that are diet-friendly, and stick with only those options. The more you plan your meals, the easier it will be to only eat healthy food no matter where you are.

Cut it Smaller

Cut your food into smaller bites, and eat each of them slowly and individually. You’ll not only take longer to eat—and thereby satisfy your body more effectively—but you’ll end up eating less because your brain will treat the smaller bites the same way it treats larger bites. Both will satiate your appetite, but smaller bites means less food consumed in the process.

Eat with Chopsticks

Eating with chopsticks slows you down, forces you to be precise and pay attention to what you’re putting into your mouth. You can’t just shovel food down like you could with a spoon or fork, but it takes effort for each bite. This makes you end up eating less at every meal—it’s one of the main reasons that Japanese, Chinese, and other people who eat with chopsticks tend to be thinner!

Close the Kitchen

If you really want to make sure you don’t eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, make it a point to close your kitchen at a certain time of the day. For example, 7 PM after doing the dinner dishes is a great time, as that will help you avoid snacking during your evening activities. Stay out of the kitchen, and make sure all your snack foods are securely out of your reach.

Drink More

Specifically, water! Don’t down liters of juice, but make it a point to drink more water every day. Keep fruit and veggie-infused water in your fridge at all time, so you have something to satisfy your taste buds while also hydrating your body. You’ll find that it’s the best way to avoid snacking—after all, you’ll already be filled up with liquid.

Add Spice

Spicy food is more satisfying, and you’ll find that the capsaicin in hot chili peppers will do wonders to speed up fat burning. It will also encourage your body to turn inactive white fat into active brown fat, helping you to burn more calories every day.

Get Rid of Sweets

Don’t keep any sweets in your house! If there are none around, it’s impossible to cheat on your diet. Say no to baked goods, cookies, cakes, or anything else sweet—just stop buying and cooking them.

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