8 Weight Loss Tips Scientifically Proven to Work

Sick and tired of striving to lose weight but finding that it just doesn’t work? You’ll be glad to know there are weight loss tricks that actually get the job done! Scientists and researchers around the world have invested countless man-hours into studying weight and fat loss. Here are a few weight loss tips that have been scientifically proven to work:

Quality Matters Most

Counting calories can help to prevent food overconsumption, but it’s not the real key to weight loss. Instead, you need to be focusing on what you put in your body. High-quality foods are far more likely to cause weight loss than low-quality junk food.

Say No to Soda

Diet or regular: it doesn’t matter! Soda is a sugary beverage that adds unnecessary calories to your day, and even diet soda will cause a spike in your insulin levels. The sugar in soda will trigger the production of fat in your liver, which will increase your body fat overall. If it’s not water, tea, or coffee, don’t drink it!

Stop “Dieting”

Stop with all the crazy diet fads. Your goal shouldn’t be to find the quickest shortcut to weight loss, but the healthiest. Your primary focus should be on eating balanced, healthy meals of high quality foods and cutting all junk from your diet.


The more you move—exercise, activity around the house, walking your kids and pets, etc.—the more likely you are to lose weight. The modern sedentary lifestyle is one of the primary contributors to weight gain. Make it a point to move around, especially on the weekends when you want nothing more than to settle all day long on the couch.

Adjust Your Goals

It’s good to have long-term goals, but you may find that they’ll discourage you over the short-term if they’re not realistic. Time to adjust your goals and your mindset. Start with a goal that is easily achievable: maybe losing 2 to 5 pounds. Once you reach that goal, reward yourself for your hard work. Focus on the next short-term goal, then the next. Break your long-term goals into things you can do more easily, and you’re less likely to end up discouraged at a lack of progress.

Eat Tasty Food

If you enjoy a food, make sure it has a place in your weekly eating plan. However, try to find a way to incorporate that food that doesn’t involve excessive fat, calories, or artificial ingredients. Let’s say, for example, your favorite food is pizza. Instead of eating a whole pizza every weekend, buy yourself a pizza and have a slice or two every day for a week—incorporated with high-fiber and high-protein meals, of course. Adding the delicious food into your meal plans will ensure you don’t feel “deprived”, making the weight loss easier in the long run.

Learn More

The more you know about weight loss, fat burning, healthy eating, and proper exercise, the better! Knowledge is the power you need to help you go the distance. Learn everything you can about your body’s fat-storing and fat-burning mechanisms, as well as what you can do to trigger the latter while suppressing the former. The more you learn, the easier it will be to find the effective weight loss options.

Get Help

No one can do it alone. Go on your healthy eating kick with a friend, family member, or partner. Have someone to share the burden of cleaning up your diet, and you’ll find it will be much easier to fight temptation when it rears its ugly head.


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