9 Foods to Shut Down Your Appetite

Want to lose weight? The real key is to not only eat healthier, but eat less! Cutting back on calories will help to stop your body from turning excess energy into stored fat. A caloric deficit will force your body to access stored fat to burn, leading to long-term weight loss. To help you cut back on calories, here are a few foods to shut down your appetite:


Coffee is one of the best appetite-suppressants on the market! First off, it’s absolutely delicious. Second, it contains ZERO calories, so you can have as much as you want without messing with your diet. Third, it’s good for boosting your energy levels and helping you get through your workout. Stay away from all that high-fat cream and milk and artificial sugar, and you’ll find coffee is your best weight loss buddy!


Avocadoes are loaded with fiber, healthy fats, and nutrients. It’s a filling fruit, one that will deliver a hefty dose of the fatty acids your heart needs in order to function properly. The fatty acids will send signals to your brain, telling it to switch off your appetite.


Nuts are an amazing source of fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin E, magnesium, and a host of other nutrients. The fatty acids in the nuts will make you feel full, and can switch off your appetite. A handful of nuts makes an excellent snack, one that will keep you satisfied for hours.


Ginger is an appetite suppressant because it stimulates your digestive system to work more efficiently. It will energize your body and speed up the digestive process, giving your body the fuel it needs to function. Whether you eat ginger in curry, ginger tea, or even raw, it’s an excellent way to keep yourself from getting hungry.


Cayenne pepper is an amazing weight loss food. Not only will it raise the temperature in your fat-burning furnace, but it will stop you from feeling hungry. You can burn more calories with every meal and satiate your mouth’s craving for spicy foods!


Eggs are loaded with healthy fat, protein, and minerals. Eating just one egg can stop you from feeling hungry for hours. In fact, having eggs for breakfast will help to fill you up faster than anything else. You’ll end up eating fewer calories every day if you start your morning off with an egg breakfast.


Apples are one of the best sources of a dietary fiber known as pectin. Pectin is an appetite suppressant, but it’s also a type of fiber that improves digestive health and prevents your body from absorbing cholesterol, toxins, and sugar. The fact that you have to chew apples so much increases the production of saliva, which also helps to increase satiety. Apples are definitely a diet-friendly food that will quash your hunger!

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are filled with a unique form of starch that is harder for your digestive system to break down. This means they stay in your stomach for longer, and keep you full for longer as well. They’re an amazing source of Vitamins C and A, as well as fiber and healthy carbs.

Veggie Soup

The beautiful thing about veggie soup is its high water content and low calorie content. Make yourself a bowl of veggie soup with each meal, and you’ll get all the nutrients you need with almost no calories. The water and fiber will fill you up, stopping you from feeling hungry. It’s a great first course that will keep you from eating too much protein or starch.

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