9 Summer Fat Burning Activities to Kick Start Your Weight Loss

Want to get fit this summer but HATE the idea of spending those gloriously sunny days trapped inside a gym? Don’t think that a gym is your only path to fitness—there are so many other summer fat burning activities you can enjoy that will help you jump start your weight loss for real. Here is a list of our favorites:

Run a 5K

Think you’re up for pushing your fitness to the next level? Go beyond your daily jogs, and take it to a proper 5K—complete with race T-shirts, a contestant number, prizes, and more! You’ll find it’s highly motivating to run a 5K because you’ve got something to work harder and push yourself for. Best of all, it’s a race that you can run with hundreds of other people, and you’ll find you’re a lot fitter than you realized!

Do a Fun Run

Or, instead of going for a full-length 5K, why not try a fun run, one with fun obstacles, foam, paint, costumes, or any of the many other fun run options? It’s about more than just the run—it’s about having fun while doing exercise and enjoying the beautiful summer days. You’ll find it’s an amazing way to enjoy your summer fat burning activities and exercise a whole lot more.

Try a Mud Run or Iron Man

Think you’re ready to kick it up a notch? Challenge yourself by tackling a mud run or an Iron Man. These runs can be a bit more hardcore, but they’re an amazing way to push yourself beyond the limits of your endurance.

Play Beach Volleyball

What’s more fun than playing volleyball on the beach under the bright sun? Playing with friends! Round up your buddies and head to the nearest beach (or lakeshore) for some beach volleyball. It’s a great way to start moving around and get active, all in the guise of some healthy competition.


If you live in a beach town or even near the coast, consider taking up surfing. At least give it a try, and you may just find you love it. Surfing is amazing for burning off calories even just by padding, and you’ll burn a lot more when you push yourself up to stand on the board. You may not be great at it at first, but a few trips, and you may come to enjoy  the heck out of it!


There’s no better time to hit the open road than during the summer! Get your bike in good shape, get on, and get riding. Take a short day trip to your nearest neighboring town, or go a bit farther (100 KM+) to enjoy a destination a bit farther away. Or, if you’re not up for a long trip, try cycling around your town, at a local park, or in the mountains near your city. There are so many amazing ways to enjoy your city or town from the back of a bicycle.


Go for a swim in the ocean, lake, river, or whatever body of water is nearest you. You’ll find that swimming is an amazing form of exercise, and it’s a very fun way to burn a whole lot of calories while cooling off!

Try Boating

Kayaking, paddleboarding, canoeing, and rowing can all be awesome ways to burn more calories and get exercise. Plus, you may just find you fall in love with the steady repetition of swinging that paddle or oar—it’s an amazing way to relax and give your mind a break on the open water!

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