A Workout Playlist to Make it Easy to Move

Who doesn’t love a bit of music when trying to work out or get in shape? Music has an interesting effect on your body. It gets you to move, and really good music can take your mind off of the activity you are currently doing without distracting you. It will help you to work out, and you’ll find that a good playlist will push you to new heights of fitness.

But what’s the best music to use for your workout playlist?

My Personal Favorite: Hard Rock

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the way you feel when working out with a driving beat in your head. You’ll feel like a real man, and the heavy rock music will push you to do more and lift more. It’s a sensation that you just can’t beat.

There are a few bands that make very good rock music, that comes with a beat rather than completely overpowering heavy metal rhythms. Bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed may have lyrics that are a bit heavy for some people, but it’s the music that matters when you’re lifting heavy weights. You’ll find that the music really can push you to do more and lift harder, and you’ll walk out of the gym feeling like you gave your workout your all.

The Beauty of Pop Songs

Pop songs are usually played in gyms for one simple reason: they’re catchy, have a nifty beat, and they are uplifting. They tend to be happy songs, meaning you feel happy when you are working out. Rather than trying to force yourself to workout, the music will actually encourage you through its happy beat.

This is one reason that there are so many pop songs that are used as workout songs. Songs by artists like Rihanna, Eminem, Pitbull, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry have hypnotic beats, which is why they are some of the highest ranked on Spotify – the iOS app that just about everyone uses to play music while they work out. If you’re interested in a good workout, you may want to consider using pop songs instead of heavy rock or metal.

Scientifically Created Playlist

Interestingly enough, science has come up with a playlist that is guaranteed to get you in the mood for your workout. You’ll love the playlist – created by researchers at Brunel University. The sports scientists at the university put together a long list of songs to help you get through your workout, featuring songs like Roar by Katy Perry, Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Talk Dirty 2 Me by Jason DeRulo, and You Make Me by Avicii.

The scientists analyzed the popularity of the songs, but also the BPM, the style, and the content of the songs. They evaluated the things that would motivate people to get through their workout, and they looked for the songs that would provide those things.

What makes the playlist interesting is that the playlist starts out a bit slower – using Katy Perry’s Roar as a motivational song to get you in the mood for working out. As you go through your warmup, you’ve got tunes that just make you feel like moving playing in the background. Once you get to the low intensity training, the BPM has risen to about 125 – a good level for long duration cardio.  The higher the intensity gets, the higher the BPM of the songs get.

When the first 30 minutes of the song are done, the playlist drops back down to 110 BPM to get you in the mood for heavy lifting. It slowly builds back up again, until it ends at a pumping 128 BPM. You end the workout at the same time as your playlist finishes, and you’ve been motivated to work hard throughout!


Find the playlist here


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