Dieting and Toning Secrets Revealed

Have you ever wondered what those so-called weight-loss gurus weren’t telling you about losing weight and staying in great shape? Finding accurate information in the weight-loss industry is not a difficult task, but there is still a lot of information that people want to keep for themselves.

There are two reasons for the secretive nature surrounding weight loss:

If you lose weight successfully and maintain your lifestyle with keeping the weight off, you no longer have a need for their product.


If you were exposed to these “secrets,” you would realize just how easy it is to maintain a diet and exercise regimen without the assistance of for-hire professional goods and services.

In this article, we’ll cover 20 dieting and toning secrets you can use to get in and stay in great shape.

20 Dieting and Toning Secrets

  1. A simple glass of water before meals is a great trick to help you feel fuller and ultimately eat less.
  2. Stop eating four hours before you sleep and you will ultimately burn up to 30% more calories while sleeping.
  3. Keep up with your carbs. Stay with carbs in moderation, because eliminating them is not only difficult to maintain but will backfire when they’re reintroduced.
  4. Turn snacks into a meal by plating the food. This will give your brain the illusion that you’re actually “eating” as opposed to “snacking.”
  5. Use caffeine (coffee, diet soda, etc) to help you fight food and sugar cravings.
  6. When hungry, taking a hot shower will actually eliminating your cravings.
  7. Cut back on meal sizes and snack sizes by getting smaller plates, bowls, and even smaller utensils.
  8. Eating a large breakfast will keep you full and energized throughout the day and may also cause you to desire a much smaller lunch and dinner.
  9. Foods high in fiber are better for your diet and health and foods low on the glycemic index.
  10. Eating around other people will help keep your hunger tame; nobody wants to be seen as the greedy, pig of an eater.
  11. Exercising in the mornings increases energy levels significantly and helps you burn calories all day.
  12. High-intensity workouts are good, but staggered workouts are ideal. If you put the pedal to the metal for 5 minutes, cool down for 10, pick up for 5, etc, you will experience the best results.
  13. Proper hydration—just plain water—assists in metabolizing body fat.
  14. Working out a different muscle group each day will better help you achieve total definition and more sufficient weight-loss results.
  15. Exercising with a partner or in a group will increase workout durations.
  16. Weigh yourself to the ounce; charting your progress and seeing that diet and exercise is working will boost your mentality more than hoping for a 2-pound drop off every other week.
  17. Some of the best exercises you can do will not require any equipment – sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, walking/jogging, jumping jacks, etc.
  18. If lifting weights, it is better to lift a lot of weight a few times than to lift manageable weight multiple times when seeking definition. Max yourself out.
  19. Go heavy on protein only if looking to bulk up. Protein is pure muscle fuel, and if you’re only seeking to keep toned, there is no need to supplement this amino acid.
  20. Workout first, target later – when beginning your diet/exercise regiment, it is never a great idea to target any one area.

According to most companies pushing products, you need supplements, equipment, motivation (from them), and many other for-cost tools to do the job. But this is not the case. If you can follow some of these secrets, you can start today and can begin to look and feel better.


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