Adventure Racing and Weight Loss

Weight loss can be boring; endless dieting, sacrificing your favorite foods, waiting for that disappointing weekly weigh in, counting calories, endless treadmill sessions, patronizing personal trainers and general gym monotony all make sustainable weight loss seemingly impossible. Many people are leaving tiresome traditional weight loss methods behind and adopting a more fulfilling and reliable way of losing weight. If you are looking to burn serious calories whilst challenging your mind, body and soul, there is a better path to follow than adventure racing. In fact, adventure racing is so enjoyable and addictive that losing weight becomes a mere byproduct of this engaging sport.

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Adventure racing is a combination of off road endurance sports and orienteering. At competition level, races can cover several hundred kilometers (the longest races are up to 1000 km of non stop racing) through the roughest terrain and waters. A typical race comprises a lengthy run, an intense bike ride and energy zapping canoeing, interspersed with a range of special challenges ranging from climbing over greased assault courses to scrambling through muddy bogs under netting. Some adventure racing is conducted in teams and other races are individual pursuits, either way, be prepared to get dirty.

There are varying training and competing levels to cater for those of differing fitness levels, but for competition level, high level fitness is a prerequisite. The fitter you are the less it hurts, so, for a beginner, the challenge ahead is to eventually reach a stage where you thrive on bigger, harder, faster challenges.

How to lose up to 15000 calories per day

Adventure racing is the ultimate adrenaline rush designed to push you to your mental and physical limits. Professional racers burn up to 15,000 Kcal/day during a long race (up to 12 days with very little rest/sleep), and as such must eat huge amounts of carbohydrate heavy foods to keep energized. Imagine that, eating as much as you want in the knowledge that no matter what you eat it all gets burnt up!

If adventure racing all sounds a bit too serious, don’t worry. Whilst the emphasis is on fitness it is also on having fun and enjoying yourself. Adventure racing is primarily a hobby, and for those who find their niche and a proficient level of fitness there are a variety of competitions to enter held in different locations around the world.

Adventure racing needn’t be too demanding to begin with. Start out with long walks and build from there. Set yourself achievable, measurable and realistic goals and keep going. Endurance training requires strength in all areas of the body, so to avoid injury and achieve optimum fitness you should adopt a resistance training routine that builds strength, stability and power.

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