How Long before a Six-Pack of Abs

Most people, even if they’re reluctantly getting into a diet/workout program, are totally results oriented. That means they want to not only feel the difference in their bodies, but they want to physically see a change.

That brings up a big question that many people out there are asking: how much fat do I actually have to lose before seeing the muscle underneath?

And while people are constantly trying to trim fat from their butts, thighs and arms, the abdominal region is undoubtedly the most popular when it comes to wanting to see real results.

Everyone wants that proverbial six-pack of abs, whether man or woman. And losing the fat to reveal the muscle definition underneath is something millions strive for.

However, there is no set number as in pounds you will have to lose. Also, it’s not only about losing the surrounding fat that’s trapped under the skin. You also have to build up the muscle.

In short, it’s a process – one that is going to be different for nearly everyone.

I know it’s probably not the answer people want to hear, but the truth is that everyone is different. Think of it this way: If the set answer was 5 pounds of belly fat lost before seeing the muscle definition underneath, then the person with a bigger belly would definitely lose out.

The amount depends on how much belly fat you have covering up the muscle. Because of this, it’s different in everyone.

A Better Way to Approach Results

First and foremost, work on defining what “difference” means to you. Are you honestly looking for cut and ripped abs under the fat before you’re willing to submit that a plan is working, or are you more willing to take slimming down as a positive sign?

Regardless of how much extra fat you have in the belly region, you should start noticing results in around 3 weeks, assuming you’re sticking with a diet and exercise plan.

While you’re working hard to burn away that fat deposited over the muscle and under the skin, the muscle is actually going to grow. Little by little, as the muscle becomes bigger, stronger and better defined, the belly fat will start to melt away, and you’ll be seeing a difference within a month.

If you’re only a few pounds overweight, then that’s your answer – a few pounds of belly fat lost. If you’re heavier, it’s going to take some more time.

Regardless, this is something you need to stick with. Losing around 3% of your total body fat should bring about noticeable results in any targeted region.

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