Are friends sabotaging your diet?

Dieting can be hard, but it’s made even harder if you don’t have the support you need from your friends and family members. There can be all kinds of reasons why the people closest to you aren’t supportive, but in the end the reasons don’t matter. What’s important is that you’re able to stick to your diet, lose weight, and become healthier. To do that successfully, you’ll need to find ways to get past people who might be sabotaging your diet. Here are some common friend and family scenarios you’ll encounter, and tips to help you overcome those obstacles.

The Friend Who Wants to Get Together for Dinner

Everyone has that one friend who loves to go out to eat. Maybe he wants to talk about his latest business venture or she’s got tales about the kids to tell you. You’re laughing and talking, and before you know it you’ve eaten way too much and ordered dessert. You don’t need to eat to have a good time. The next time your friend calls with a dinner invitation, suggest something else. Coffee, maybe, or a walk around the park. Have your friend over to your house for dinner, so you control what’s served. There are lots of ways to avoid an expensive and calorie-filled dinner while still enjoying the company of people you care about.

The Friend Who’s Jealous and Won’t Admit It

If you have friends who are overweight, they may be sabotaging your diet without meaning to. They don’t want to be the only overweight one in the group, so they don’t really want to see you lose weight. It’s not that they aren’t happy for you, but that they aren’t happy with themselves. You can encourage your friend to lose weight, too, by doing activities with him or her that are active and fun. That way it doesn’t really feel like exercise, but you won’t be sabotaging your diet – and you won’t be letting anyone else do it, either.

The “Food Equals Love” Friend

So many people are people-pleasers. They want to make everyone around them happy. One of the ways they show they care is with food. If they come over, they bring a dessert. If you go to their house, they insist on feeding you lunch or dinner. While it’s a thoughtful gesture, it’s sabotaging your diet. You’ll have to be firm with this friend, and just say no. Saying you already ate can head off their efforts, and they won’t feel like you’re refusing them because you don’t like them or their food.

The Family Members Who Always Buy Fast Food

Some people just don’t really “get” how important a diet is to a friend or family member. They don’t mean to be inconsiderate. They just don’t think about it. If they’re buying and eating fast food right in front of you, it’s best to excuse yourself to another room. That way they won’t be sabotaging your diet by tempting you with the smell of foods you know are bad for you. There can be some relatively healthy options at a few fast food restaurants, but you have to be careful what you get. Portion size is also a concern, as you’re often given much more than a person needs for one meal. Don’t allow your diet to be sabotaged by unhealthy fast food. Try to avoid being around others while they are indulging. Go into the kitchen and get a glass of water and a piece of fruit, or head out to the garden to admire the rose bushes. Distraction is your friend, and your loved ones will soon be done eating. Then you can rejoin them and be proud of the fact that you stuck to your diet. There may be times when you can’t avoid being around fastfood. In these situations, make sure you always have your own bagged lunch or a healthy snack on hand.

Friends Who Love to Bake for the Holidays

Holidays are always big risks when it comes to sabotaging your diet. Like most people, you probably have friends who love to cook and bake. They want to bring you homemade gifts, straight from their kitchen. Before you know it, you’re sabotaging your diet. Instead of having temptation around, take those baked goods to the office or a family in need. You’ll feel a lot better about that than you will eating food you know you shouldn’t eat.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to hold onto your willpower during some situations, but in the end you’ll be happy you stuck to your diet and got healthier. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally, but remember that a diet is a lifestyle change. It’s not just something you do for a little while, until a certain number of pounds come off. That’s something your friends and family members will need to understand and accept, and in many cases you’ll need to explain it to them directly. Otherwise, they may continue sabotaging your diet.

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