Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

This is a question we should all be asking ourselves on a regular basis! Sugar, as you well know, is the #1 enemy of weight loss. It’s turned into stored fat faster than dietary fat or protein, which means it’s more likely to cause weight gain and higher body fat than any other food on the planet. For effective weight loss, it’s vital that you cut back on the amount of sugar you eat. If you want to know how much is too much sugar, there are a few questions you should ask yourself…

Am I Eating Fruit or Processed Sugar?

Fruit is a source of sugar, but it’s the healthiest sugar source around. You’d have to eat more than five servings of fruit per day to get too much sugar that way, and most of us have an easy time keeping our fruit intake in check. The truth is that it’s typically the processed, artificial, and refined sugars that cause problems—everything from syrups to sauces to white sugar to even sugar substitutes like Splenda or Sweet N’Low. These sugars are VERY bad for your health, and it’s vital that you cut them from your diet as much as possible!

Do I Eat Sugar at Every Meal?

Are you the kind of person who ends up eating a bit of sugar at every meal? You’d be surprised by where it hides! Soda, for example, is a classic example of high-sugar foods that can lead to a crazy high sugar intake. If you have even one can or glass of soda per meal, you’re already way overdoing it on sugar. If you load up with ketchup or BBQ sauce, salad dressing, or sweet condiments, you’re also consuming too much sugar. And if you can’t feel satisfied after dinner without something sweet, you definitely need to think about changing up your diet!

Do I Binge on Desserts?

Desserts are delicious, but they’re intended to be eaten in small quantities—one small slice of cake, a piece of flan, a single scoop of fruit salad, and so on. If you eat more than a small amount, it’s very likely you’ll end up consuming way too much sugar. Even one small piece of cake is higher in sugar than is good for you—how else do you think they make it so sweet? You should try to avoid desserts as much as possible, but when you do eat them, limit yourself to one small portion. Any more and you’re overdoing the sugar intake.

Do I Sweeten All My Drinks?

Can you have a cup of coffee or tea without sugar? Do you have a tendency to add a spoonful of chocolate powder into your morning cup of milk? When you go to Starbucks, do you order the very sweet drinks? If you have a tendency to drink very sweet beverages, it’s very likely you’re getting way too much sugar in your diet! You need to cut out every sweet beverage and stick with plain water and unsweetened coffee and tea. It may not sound very tasty, but it’s the best first step to help wean you off sugar.

Can I Eat Food Without Sugar?

Take unsweetened yoghurt as the perfect example! If you can’t enjoy yoghurt unless it’s got fruit flavor or pieces of fruit in it, it’s likely you’ve got a problem with unhealthy sugar intake. The same goes for highly sweetened cereal, oatmeal, your morning toast, or anything else that could include a bit of extra sugar. As soon as you start needing sugar in your diet to make your food taste good, that’s when you know things have gone off the rails!

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