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Tips and Benefits of Juicing for Kids

Keep it simple:use “normal” ingredients. Start easy with apples, grapes, and carrots. When Juicing for kids you have to Wait until their palates develop to introduce the more “adventurous” flavors like ginger, spinach, kale etc. Be Honest:don’t hide what’s in … Continue reading

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Locally Grown Vegetables for Optimum Health

Eating seasonal is a great way to ensure great health. Vegetables are great for you and aid in weight loss. It is best to eat foods that are naturally available according to the season. Geography plays a huge role as … Continue reading

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Are You Fat?

I’m sure you’ve heard some one complain that they’re fat yet you look at them and they look fine to you. Are they really fat or do they just have some self-image issues? Being overweight or obese can, however, cause … Continue reading

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Vegan Protein

“You’re vegan? Where do you get your vegan protein from?” I can’t count how many times people have asked me that question and every time I just inhale and ask them, “do you have time to listen?” There are so … Continue reading

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What Do Vegans Eat?

It can get really confusing for those new to a vegan life style. First thing you should ask yourself is how strict are you trying to be and why do you want to become a vegan in the first place? … Continue reading

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Super Whole Grains for Weight Loss

Carbohydrates are the devil. At least that’s what most fad diets are making the average consumer believe. The truth is that we need carbohydrates for energy, and need them to power up our day. The kind of carbohydrates is what … Continue reading

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Vegan Valentine Brownies

Valentines day is a hallmark holiday to many, and an excuse to celebrate romance for others. No matter what your views are on Valentines day, it’s a perfect excuse to get festive and try something new and creative. Make it … Continue reading

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Fool Proof New Year Resolution

Every year we try to set a new intention or a new year resolution to better ourselves and to make this year better than the last. Every year we set an intention only to forget about it as the months … Continue reading

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Vegan Smoothies for Weight Loss

Eating 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is a lot easier than most people think but it depends on how active you are and your calorie intake; you may need more than that. Smoothies are an easy way … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Diet Foods

Celiac disease is a serious disease that can leave a person with nutritional deficiency, and can cause some serious health issues in addition to depression and other low moods due to an imbalanced digestive system. There’s nothing worse than not … Continue reading

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