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How to Avoid Overeating at the Holidays


Oh, the lure of the holidays. The cakes, cookies, and pies. The big family meals, the appetizers, and the eggnog. It is so easy to succumb to the temptation to eat it all, and rely on that old standby, the New Year’s Resolution, to lose any weight you have gained after the first of the year! But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak, and not find your buttons popping afterwards!

By following these simple tips, holiday eating can be enjoyable, waist-conscious, and free of guilt:

  • Don’t stop exercising! The chaos of the holiday season, as well as all of the travel, makes it easy for some of us to put regular exercise aside for the time being. Just because you might not have access to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get in some exercise. Take lots of walks (an hour after meals, it helps digestion, and before meals, it helps control those rampant cravings!), do push-ups or abdominal exercises, or just throw a football in the backyard with your family.

  • Do not deny yourself. Holiday eating does not have to be an all or nothing deal. You can still indulge, but just don’t overindulge! Completely denying yourself of the foods you love will only lead to overeating.

  • Don’t under eat the whole day just so you can eat later or at a party. Stockpiling calories does a number on your metabolism and energy levels, and leads to voracious hunger and overeating. Not to mention guilt later on…

  • Make some healthy dishes to go along with the decadent ones. Scale back on the butter, oil, and cheese, and prepare veggies like sweet potatoes and beans cooked in little or no fat. Try some low-fat eggnog, which can be just as sinful as the full fat version! Avoid the skin on the turkey, and opt for white meat over dark.

  • Watch your portions. At holiday meals, we tend to eat portions that are way too big for us. Keep the portions under control, and you can still enjoy all of the delicious side dishes on the table!

  • Try not to focus on the food so much. Remember that the holidays are about family, not necessarily food. Play board games, get outside and play with the kids, and don’t hover around the dessert tray!

It’s easy to throw nutrition out the window when it comes to the holiday season. There is so much food everywhere that it’s hard to say no. But, it’s not about saying no all the time. You can enjoy the treats of the season, as well as the big family meals, if you use common sense and don’t forget to keep your body moving!

Adaptation to Overeating – Learn how the Body can adapt to overeating.








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