Avoid These Treadmill Fails

The treadmill is one of the most useful cardio machines in the gym, as it allows you to run, jog, and sprint without ever having to walk out the front doors. If you’re serious about losing weight, you’ll spend at least a bit of time on the treadmill every day! But are you using the treadmill right? Here are a few treadmill fails you want to avoid:

Moving Too Slowly

While walking is great for beginners, at some point you’ll need to jog, then run and sprint. It’s all about pushing your body to do more, so you can’t allow yourself to become complacent when on the treadmill. Every time you hit the treadmill, do so with a purpose and a game plan. Know how much time you’re going to walk, run, jog, and sprint, and follow that workout precisely. The faster you move, the better!

Moving Too Fast

The truth is that your body can only handle so much. For example, even the best-trained boxers in the world can only go for 3 to 5 minutes at full steam. These are people in the prime of their fitness, and they run out of steam eventually. If you hit the treadmill too fast, you’re going to tire quickly. It’s all about pacing yourself and going at a speed you can actually manage. Avoid going too fast while on the treadmill, and don’t keep the speed too high for too long.

Getting Distracted

It’s easy for you to get distracted while on the treadmill, as there are so many people around you, so many TVs to watch, and so many things to catch your eye. If you get distracted on the treadmill, one of two things could happen. 1) Your workout isn’t as intense or productive as it could be, and 2) you could end up injured. Make it a point to focus on your workout and what you’re doing, and you’ll get through that workout like a champ.

Fooling Around

It’s always fun to see how fast you can run, how agile you are, or what sort of fun tricks you can do on the treadmill. But that’s just asking for an injury. The treadmill platform can rotate at pretty high speeds, and you could end up with some pretty nasty injuries if you’re not careful. Treat the treadmill with respect, and it will help you lose weight the safe way!

Not Wearing the Right Shoes

Running and jogging can be pretty rough on your feet, ankles, and knees, even if you’re wearing the right shoes. Imagine how much worse things will be if you’re wearing the WRONG shoes! You should always step onto the treadmill with a pair of well-cushioned, well-balanced running or walking shoes, depending on what form of exercise you will be doing. Make sure that your shoes match the workout, and be certain you have the right amount of foot support as you work out. It can make all the difference between a good workout and an aching body!

Not Doing the Workout Right

A good treadmill workout includes a warm-up, a higher intensity training period, and a cool-down. Skip the warm-up or cool-down, and you could walk out of the gym with sore or strained muscles. Your training period should last anywhere between 20 and 50 minutes, depending on your ultimate goals. Runners training for a race should only run the distance they need to. Those trying to lose weight should consider a High Intensity Interval Training workout, which combines intervals of sprinting with intervals of jogging  or walking.


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