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Food Quality:

How It Works

BistroMD is a meal-delivery program. They offer four plans to choose from: 5- or 7-day, with or without snacks. Menus are rotated weekly.

BistroMD encourages customers to say goodbye to grocery shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning. All customers have to do is heat up the food that is delivered to their doorstep, eat it, and watch the weight fall off.

Pricing and Options

Customers can choose between 5-day or 7-day meal plans, with or without snacks. Weekly pricing for each option is as follows:

  • 5-day, no snacks: $129.95
  • 5-day, snacks: $144.95
  • 7-day, no snacks: $159.95
  • 7-day, snacks: $179.95

Menus are customizable and include meals like: cheese ravioli, beef tips with broccoli, chicken with roasted apples, and turkey with cranberry quinoa.

BistroMD places an emphasis on a gourmet dieting experience. By count on their website, there are 10 breakfast options, 30 lunch options, and 25 dinner options, so it would take a while to begin to grow tired of the choices at BistroMD.

What People Are Saying

BistroMD scores high ratings among customers with regards to food quality relative to other food delivery diet programs. They really place an emphasis on delivering enjoyable meals which is important for helping clients stick to the program.

Some people claim that eating BistroMD’s home delivery meals did not result in substantial weight-loss for them. This could be connected to the program’s negligence to the importance of exercise. Customers who reported substantial weight loss with BistroMD generally were exercising daily throughout their diet.

The biggest criticism of BistroMD is the cost. One month of food ranges from $520 to $720 for one person. But there is some value in the time savings of not having to shop and prepare your own meals.

The Fine Print

Orders are automatically recurring at BistroMD. However, there is no commitment or cost to cancel your subscription to their services.

Orders placed by Tuesday at noon EST will be received that week. BistroMD ships at the beginning of every week. Customers have until Sunday at midnight EST to make changes to their shipment for that upcoming week.


BistroMD is a great food delivery diet program for those willing to make the cost commitment. The food is as good as you’ll find for this type of service. Improve chances of weight loss by incorporating exercise into the diet.

Visit BistroMD today to get started on your diet delivery program for weight loss success!

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