Blast Fat with These 5 Exercises

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to blast fat with just a few simple moves every day? Rather than having to spend an hour every day working out, it would probably be a whole lot easier if we could just spend a few minutes doing  2 or 3 moves that would rock out the fat burning.

Well, life isn’t quite that easy, but the good news is that there are a few exercises that you can do that will help you to torch fat. They’re simple exercises that can be pretty intense, but they’ll definitely help you to burn fat the safe, healthy way.

Squat to Arnold Press

This exercise combines both lower and upper body movements, which is excellent for torching fat. The legs burn more calories than the rest of the body, but adding the upper body movement makes this exercise doubly effective as a fat burning exercise.

To begin, grip dumbbells tightly and spread your feet just beyond shoulder width apart. Dip into the full squat, and feel the burn as you come back up. As you return to your original position, bring the dumbbells to your upper chest – palm facing towards you. Push the weights upward, twisting your wrists so that your palms face outward at the peak of the press. Bring the weights back down to your chest, and dip back into the squat.

Reverse Lunge to Curl

Once again, this exercise combines lower body movements with upper body work.

Stand with your feet together, dumbbells in your hands. Step your right foot backwards into a reverse lunge, and drop down into the lunge until your knees are bent to 90 degrees. Push back up to your original position, and curl the dumbbells upwards to your shoulders. Slowly lower them back to their position by your side, and get ready to step backwards into that lunge with the other foot.

Plank and Row

Core exercises meet upper back exercises in this movement, which may require a bit of work to get accustomed to doing.

Get into the straight-arm plank position, using two dumbbells to support your weight instead of placing your hands flat on the floor. Hold the plan position for a 3-count, then push your weight onto your left hand as you pull the right hand dumbbell to your chest. Lower the weight, push your weight to the right side, and bring the left hand up. Lower the weight, count to three, and repeat the exercise.

Raised-Arm Split Lunge

Keeping your arms extended is much more tiring than you might have thought, and you’ll find that your shoulders are burning by the end of this exercise.

Stand with your feet close together, and extend your arms straight over your head. You can use dumbbells if you want, but keep them light. Step forward into a regular lunge, and lower your body until your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Come back up, and step forward with the other foot – all the while keeping your arms extended over your head.

Side Lunge with Chest Press

Side lunges are harder on the thighs and knees, but they’re great for toning up them buttocks.

Stand with your feet together, a dumbbell held to your chest. Step out to the right with your right foot, and lower into the lunge until your knee reaches as close to a 90-degree angle as possible. Push off that foot to return to your original position, with your feet together. Press the weight out in front of you, and bring it back to your chest before dipping into a side lunge on your left.

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