Body type endomorphs – requires different diet and exercise approach


Body type endomorphs may find it difficult to lose weight. The correct diet and exercises for the endomorph body type play an important role in losing weight.


Body type endomorphs

People with endomorph body types usually find weight loss a constant struggle. Endomorphs tend to easily store body fat and often have more internal fat deposits lining the organs in the cavity, making fat loss even more difficult.

The endomorph needs to develop a higher degree of motivation to produce the drive required to lose weight continuously. The best diet by body type and the right exercise for a healthy endomorph is required to burn fat effectively:

  • perform some type of low intensity, high duration physical activity frequently but don’t over-train

  • train well within lower end of the target heart rate zone but exercise for longer period or more frequently

  • try not to get out of breath when exercising, especially for the first 8 workouts

  • increase the level of workout intensity slowly as fitness levels develop and weight is lost

  • count calories but lower calorie intake slowly

  • do not cut out meals completely

  • consume fruit & vegetables regularly, plus other low calorie foods.



The ideas above are intended for healthy endomorphic people with no other health complications or illnesses. In all cases we recommend you gain approval from doctor/physician before trying any new diet or exercise!

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