Bodyweight Exercises to Avoid

Bodyweight exercises are often more effective at shredding your muscles than weightlifting exercises. The reason for this is that using your own body weight builds functional strength, while lifting weights often only targets muscle size.

However, not all bodyweight exercises are created equal. You’ll find that there are a few that can actually be harmful for your body if not done properly, so they are the ones you should try to avoid. What are these few bodyweight exercises you want to stay away from?

Tricep Dips

Why are tricep dips bad for you? Well, if your hands are placed behind you on a chair, you’ll find that the angle is a bit odd for your elbows. The muscles of your triceps are isolated, but not in a good way. There’s less leverage for the exercise, so you are unable to complete the motion safely.

Safe Choice: Go for dips on the parallel bars instead, or use close-grip pushups to target those triceps muscles. You can add a weight and do some lying dumbbell triceps extensions for a much safer use of those muscles.

Jump Training on Concrete

Jump training is excellent for building strength in your legs, but concrete is far too hard for your body. You’ll find that the training can do some serious damage to your joints, which means that you’ll wear out faster. The concrete is too hard to absorb any of the impact from your jumps, and your joints and bones take the brunt of it.

Safe Choice: Do jump training on the carpeted floor of your house, or out on soft grass. Find any soft surface, and do your jump training there.


V-Sits are incredibly difficult, and they’re great to build core strength. However, they can pull the muscles in your back, straining them in a way you definitely want to avoid. There’s not quite as much isolation for your core with V-sits, and it’s much more likely that you will injure yourself.

Safe Choice: Do jack-knifes instead. The motion will reduce the strain on your back, and yet will still give that core a good workout.


Crunches are the classic workout for those who want to get a good abs workout, but the truth is that crunches are a thing of the past. They just don’t give you the right amount of bang for your buck, and you’ll spend far more of your energy doing an ineffective workout than you should. They do work those muscles, but not as well as some other exercises.

Safe Choice: Opt for planks and side planks to really shred those core muscles. You’ll find that the consistent contraction of those muscles will tire them out far more effectively than crunches will, and you’ll get a much more solid, stronger core thanks to the static exercises.


Sit-ups are an exercise that should have been phased out decades ago, as it is hard on your lower back. The exercise just doesn’t have the proper concentration that it should, and you work out more muscles than is good for a core exercise.

Safe Choice: TRX fall-outs are a much safer, more effective choice. They can be exhausting, but they’ll shred your muscles so much faster than sit-ups.


When doing bodyweight training, it’s important that you do it safely. There are a few bodyweight exercises that will be hard on your body, and they are the ones that you should strive to avoid. Find the exercises that push your body safely, and you can get in great shape without worrying about what your workouts are doing to your joints.

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