Breakfast Cereals to Avoid Like the Plague

Breakfast cereal may be absolutely delicious, but few experts will ever tell you that it’s the “healthy” option. While there are a few cereals that may pack a nutrient punch and deliver some fiber, the truth is that most are highly processed and artificial, with way too many grams of sugar and carbs! Here are some of the worst breakfast cereals around:

Fruity Pebbles

When your food is colored THAT brightly, you can be 100% certain that there is nothing natural about it! This cereal is packed with artificial flavors and colors, and the flakes are made from puffed rice rather than wheat. It’s definitely not the choice to make if you’re trying to be healthy!

Reese’s Puffs

Really? A breakfast cereal made by the brand that produces one of the most delicious, least healthy candy bars around? Reese’s Puffs are mind-blowingly tasty, with all the chocolate-y, peanut butter-y goodness that makes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups absolutely wonderful. Sadly, they’re TERRIBLE for your health, with more sugar, calories, and carbs than you have any right eating. It’s like eating candy for breakfast–not a good idea!

Frosted Mini Wheats

Shredded wheat is a decently healthy option when it comes to breakfast cereal, but all that goes away the minute you add frosting into the mix. The frosted miniature shredded wheats are packed with sugar, high in calories, and contain limited nutritional value. Delicious, sure, but absolutely unhealthy!

Cap’n Crunch

Who doesn’t love to start off their day with a bit of Cap’n Crunch? It’s delicious, flavorful, sweet, and crunchy, but sadly none of those words are adjectives for “healthy”. You get way more sugar than you need, the cereal is entirely processed and thus devoid of nutrition, and, worst of all, you lacerate your mouth with every bite of the too-crunchy cereal!

Cocoa Puffs

Puffed wheat made with higly sweetened chocolate coating? Do we even need to get into why this cereal is unhealthy? Yes, they’re like little chocolate clouds, but the fact that they are puffed means that they are highly processed and dangerously packed with chemicals. You turn a bowl of healthy whole milk into a sugary chocolate drink, making this a cereal to steer clear of.

Lucky Charms

Marshmallows are made of pure sugar, with a bit of cornstarch thrown in to thicken them up. When you dehydrate marshmallows and mix them with highly sugary breakfast cereal, you have a recipe for one of the least healthy ways to start your day. There is nothing good about Lucky Charms aside from their taste, and you get almost NO nutrition from a bowl of this sugary cereal.

Frosted Flakes

The mascot on the box should be the “Diabetes Dingo” rather than Tony the hyperactive Tiger. Cornflakes are already a fairly unhealthy option, but when you add frosting into the mix, you double down on the “unhealthy” factor. There is very little nutritional value to these frosted flakes, and WAY more sugar than is good for your health.


Do you really need to start with day with chocolate-filled refined cereal pockets? It’s like having dessert for breakfast, but you’d get more nutritional value from chocolate brownies with nuts in them! Even the name appeals to the unhealthy side of you, making them a cereal you’d do well to avoid like the plague.

Froot Loops

The fact that the name is spelled incorrectly is the first sign that this is NOT a good choice. Made with puffed wheat and “natural fruit flavors” (suuuuuure), these fruity rings are as unhealthy as any other product on this list. Worst of all, they’re not even all that tasty!


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