Burn Calories While Getting Beautiful

It’s actually quite easy to burn calories while doing simple tasks, and you’d be amazed by how much exercise you can get if you are just a bit more conscientious around your house. It’s as simple as making an effort to burn calories while beautifying yourself and preparing for the day!

Mirror Squats

Brushing your teeth after rolling out of bed in the morning? It may sound like a terrible idea – and probably the last thing you want to do – but why not do a few squats in front of the mirror as you brush your teeth. If you actually brush for the whole three minutes, you can get a lot of squats in first thing in the morning. You’ll give yourself a nice awakening, and it will help you to get your exercise on and start the day out right!

Coffee Jacks

Waiting for the coffee pot to brew? If you like to have coffee before you do anything else, why not do a few jumping jacks as your cup of Joe is preparing itself? Try and fit in at least 20 or 30 quick jacks, and you’ll be amazed at how awake you feel without even needing to drink that coffee. Once you’re done with your jumping jacks, suck down that coffee and get your work face on! This way, you won’t ruin your makeup by sweating, but you can energize yourself before you even touch that coffee.


Got some time to kill on your hands? If you’re reading the paper in the morning, why not spend a few minutes bouncing around on a Yoga ball? You’ll still be able to read, but you can burn a few extra calories over the morning paper. If you’re reviewing work papers late at night and need to give yourself a boost, sit on the Yoga ball and bounce away.

Hit the Stairs

When going out to lunch with the ladies, why would you take the elevator? Not only will taking the stairs give you more privacy for all that juicy gossip, but it will help you to get a bit more exercise. Yes, even going down the stairs is better exercise than taking the elevator, and you can add a few hundred more steps to your daily count if you take the longer way downstairs.


Got a break between commercials? Why not run out to the mailbox and back to get a short cardio workout in? Drop to the floor for a few crunches, or do 5 squats for each commercial that airs. Instead of wasting time sitting and doing nothing between segments of your favorite show, you may want to take advantage of the extra time to get some exercise.

Tap it Out

Bored in a meeting? Slip off those uncomfortable heels or pumps, and start tapping on the carpet with your foot. You don’t want to tap too loudly, as that could attract attention in your direction. However, if you spend the entire duration of the meeting tapping your feet, you’ll actually get some pretty great exercise. Just tapping 25 times per foot will be up to 30 calories burned, so imagine how many calories you can burn during a 3-hour meeting!

Plank Into Bed

Ready to hit the sack in the evening? Instead of walking to get into bed, get down on your hands and feet and assume the plank position. Without moving more than your hands and feet, walk over to the bed. Raise yourself up with your arms, and climb into bed without bending your knees. You can get a great abs and arm workout with this exercise, and you’ll help to tire your body out before you hit the sack. (Just make sure hubby or wife aren’t around, as it can look a bit goofy!)


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