Burn Fat with the Fat Burning Diet

You may need to lose a few pounds but no matter what you are trying at home, it does not seem to be reducing your fat. Jay Robb, a clinical nutritionist, has developed an inspiring weight loss regime meant to burn fat while stabilizing blood sugar levels. He claims that by increasing the body’s energy, one can naturally lose weight without putting major effort into the weight loss.

With most low carb diets, reducing the carb consumption can help one to lose weight very quickly but the person often feels tired which can cause health risks in the future. Since there is little energy, most days it is hard to get out of bed, let alone go for a walk or jog. Therefore, his diet revolves around the concept of eating high and low carbs in a cycle.

There are three main meals per day and one free meal once a week. In this free meal, you can eat whatever you want for one hour before hoping back on the Fat Burning Diet. Fat should be the primary energy source that is burned and this is achieved by alternating between high and low carb days in order to manipulate the glycogen metabolism. Instead of storing fat from excess carb intake, the body burns fat for fuel.

There is a difference between good carbs and bad ones. Sometimes after a meal, you may feel very drowsy. Robb tries to avoid such carbohydrates and recommends carbs that will give you energy instead of weighing you down. Such carbs include brown rice, brown pasta, sweet and white potatoes, whole wheat bread, fruit and corn.
If you want to lose weight than changing your diet is how to do it. With the Fat Burning Diet you will be able to lose weight easily and naturally. Exercise is recommended if you want better and faster results as walking and weight training help to increase your metabolism and your overall muscle strength. This is an excellent diet that allows you to continue eating carbs while still maintaining a low carb diet. If you suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia, this is a great diet that can help to lower your blood sugar count. A doctor and nutritionist should be consulted before going on this diet.

You are also able to take advantage of the cheat meal which takes off a lot of pressure that normal diets place on the dieter. The fat burning diet is also excellent for vegetarians and places importance on eating the right foods.

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