Best Butt Exercise – Squat

There are many butt exercises to choose from such as lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, hip extensions and various thigh raises. These exercises have their benefits but to perform all in a workout would take about 30 minutes. However, it is possible to gain many of the benefits from all butt exercises by performing just one – squats!

Squats are the best butt exercise. If done correctly squats will tone, firm and tighten the butt muscles all in one giving a slimmer appearance from the hips down. Squats also have the added advantage of toning the legs to give them a more shapely appearance.

Benefits of Squats

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased lean weight or improved body composition
  • Higher percentage of fat burned at rest
  • Easier to control weight after losing excess fat
  • Improved strength and speed in legs

Because squats exercise all the biggest and major muscles of the human body they create more demand for energy production thus energy expenditure is far greater when squatting than during any other exercise. In fact it’s possible to burn a huge amount of energy within a very short time when maximum potential for the squat is reached.

The effort required to drive up from a squat position forces an adaptive response from the big muscles groups causing the development of extra lean mass. More lean mass is the and burn a higher percentage of fat at rest.

Will Squats Increase Butt Size?

Generally squatting will help tone and tighten the butt and for most people it should not cause it to get any larger. However for a few people squats may build up the butt if muscle is added quickly yet the fat is not reduced at the same rate, possibly due to fat reduction from other areas first.

Some people have a higher number of fat cells present around the butt and thigh area. Squatting will help tone and shape the butt for the best however, for some squats may not necessarily make the butt smaller. It is important to remember that the best butt exercise alone cannot lower fat, there’s a need to develop a healthy eating plan and incorporate this together with the best butt exercise.

How to Do Squats

Some people perform squats by using weights held in the hands instead of a weighted bar across the back of the lower neck. However this can be dangerous as squats require good balance. The ankles, knees and hip joints should be thoroughly warmed up before attempting to exercise the butt with weighted squats.

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