How to Increase Calorie Burning During Exercising

The amount of calories we burn can be increased by controlling how we exercise. Different exercises burn various amounts of energy and some use different fuels. It depends on:

  • the duration of the exercise: the longer the more calories we burn
  • the intensity of the exercise: the lighter the exercise the fewer calories burned
  • aerobic or anaerobic exercise: aerobic exercise burns more fat but anaerobic burns more calories overall
  • the time of day: some individuals benefit from doing exercise early in the mornings – runs down carbohydrate stores in the body so that the body starts to burn fat and helps boost metabolism

However, this will also depend on the individual physique of the individual doing exercise: the heavier an individual, the more lean weight, the fitter a person, the more calories burned by the person during exercise.

The key to maximizing the calories burned though is to do a variety of exercises. Here are some recommended exercises:

  • Swimming
  • Runnning
  • Circuit training
  • Step aerobic classes
  • Medium weight training
  • Walking briskly
  • Yoga (intense forms such as ashtanga or vinyasa that build stamina)

The best way, if you are not used to exercise, is to join a gym where an instructor can help you with the exericses. There are many different workout videos that you can try at home.

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