How Many Calories are in Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol is full of empty calories. High in carbohydrates and sometimes high in fat (from cream based drinks), alcohol is an easy way to cut from your diet and help your waistline.

A typical cosmopolitan is 150 calories and a pint of beer is 110-200 calories. If you want a killer drink, literally, a pina colada has 300-600 calories in a glass. That is more than a Big Mac! Cream drinks like the pina colada use coconut cream, heavy cream or some other cream.

If you really want to have an adult beverage, go for the lighter options. Vodka with diet coke, gin with low calorie tonic, mint julep or mojito, or lighter beers.

Calories in Wine
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Calories in Beer and Cider
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Calories in Hard Liquor
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Calorie values of alcohol are estimates values will vary between different products available

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