Calories In Brown Bread

Bread is a perfect addition to any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bread contains carbohydrates and fiber, which keeps your body working and energized. Foods high in carbohydrates are often thought to be taboo but bread calories don’t need to cause panic.

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There aren’t many calories in bread and a slice or two is a great way to complete a meal and incorporate some healthy grains into your diet.

Bread is a household staple. Toast in the morning, a sandwich in the afternoon, or with a bit of garlic butter served with dinner- bread is loved in homes across the world. Both fiber and protein are in bread; especially whole grain bread, which helps the digestive system.

Bread has a bad reputation but it is actually not that fattening.

How many calories are in a slice of bread? The calories found in white bread are the most with 100 calories per slice. The calories in brown bread is 82 per slice and the calories in wheat bread is just 69. Breads with whole grains such as wheat and rye are great sources for iron and fiber.

If you choose whole grain or another high fiber bread, a slice or two a day won’t hurt your diet. Bread provides you with energy and can help you feel more full when eaten alongside veggie heavy dishes. Like with any food, moderation is key.

Most calories in bread come from carbohydrates. In white bread, carbohydrates come from refined flour and those calories are absorbed more rapidly than the calories in whole grain breads. The calories in whole grain breads are absorbed slower due to higher levels of fiber.

High fiber foods can contain just as many calories as foods with less fiber; however, fiber fills the stomach quicker which will help you to feel full faster.

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