Calorie Content in Cheese

How many Calories in Cheese

The number of calories in different types of cheeses is listed in the table below and shows cheese calories per 100 grams (3.5 oz). It is difficult to accurately determine the calorie content per portion as size differs between individuals and products, therefore the values are displayed for comparison purposes.

To accurately measure the calories in cheese for each portion simply weigh or estimate weight of cheese, find its value in table below then multiply that value by your portion weight in percentage. Learn more on how to count calories.

Cheese calories are often high due to a high fat content. To help lower calories from cheese and cheese products always select low calorie varieties and consume smaller portions. Remember the calories in fruits & vegetables are generally very low. Aim to fill up on these foods before eating naturally high calorie foods like cheese.

Compare cheese calories to milk calories and calories from other foods:

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Calories in Cheese Table:

Hard Cheese Calories Fat
American 332 24.4g
Brie 320 25.5g
Camembert 300 23g
Cheddar 415 33.5g
Cheddar low fat 275 14g
Cheshire 379 29g
Danish Blue 350 28.5g
Double Gloucester 400 32g
Edam 335 24.5g
Feta 255 20g
Lancashire 380 29g
Leicester 402 32g
Mozzarella 300 22.2g
Parmesan 450 31g
Stilton 410 29g
Swiss 335 25g
Wensleydale 378 28.5g
Soft Cheese Calories  
Cheese Spread (average) 280 30g
Cottage Cheese 100 4g
Cream Cheese 440 46g
Fromage Frais (plain) 115 6g
Full fat spread 315 32g
Lymeswold 420 39g
Medium fat soft spread 181 13.9g
Processed slice 328 26g



Some values for the cheese calories may vary between different products and should only be used for general comparison purposes.

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