Calories In Grapefruit

Did you know that grapefruits are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet? Loaded with Vitamin C and other important nutrients, you’ll find that it’s a very good idea to start your day with a breakfast grapefruit!

Calories in Grapefruit

A grapefruit contains just 41 calories (medium-size fruit), meaning it’s one of the lowest-calorie fruits around. You can eat a grapefruit–or two–feel full, and not add significant amounts of calories to your diet.

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Grapefruit and Weight Loss

Here’s something you might not have known about grapefruits: they’re considered a “negative calorie food”. What does this mean?

When you eat food, you are consuming a certain number of calories–units of energy. Your body has to process the food, and that requires your body to pull energy from its available stores. Most foods give you more energy than you burn processing the food, but there are a few that actually take more energy to burn than the food gives. Grapefruit is one such food, and eating grapefruit will use more than 41 calories to burn. This means that you can actually promote weight loss just by eating a few more pieces of fruit throughout your day!

Of course, the weight loss benefits of grapefruit don’t stop there! Grapefruits are incredibly low in calories, but they’re also very high in fiber. You know how filling it is to eat a grapefruit after your meal, and that’s all thanks to the fiber that is contained the grapefruit. The fiber will help to regulate your hunger, suppress your appetite, and make you feel full. After a grapefruit, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to eat anything else.

Grapefruit is also loaded with Vitamin C, which helps to detoxify your body and boost your immune system. Vitamin C isn’t a weight loss vitamin per se, but it does help to speed up weight loss. After all, if there are toxins floating around your body gumming up the works, it makes weight loss much harder. Once you flush out all of the toxins and restore your body to tip top health, it’s much easier for you to lose weight via diet and exercise.

The citrus fruit contains an antioxidant called naringin. It is a flavonoid that is found in grapefruits, and it’s responsible for the unique taste of the fruit. The compound is able to reduce your body’s uptake of fatty acids, meaning there will be less fat pulled into your bloodstream via your digestive system. By blocking fat, it can help to prevent an increase in your body’s fat storage. At the same time, naringin helps to balance out carbohydrate use, preventing high blood sugar and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

There are so many benefits of grapefruit, including its ability to prevent liver damage, bringing balance to your blood sugar, increasing insulin sensitivity, lowering your cholesterol levels, fighting toxins and carcinogens, and increasing the production of enzymes for detoxification. The truth is that grapefruits are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, so it’s in your best interest to consume them for your health’s sake.

However, when it comes to weight loss, there are few fruits that outrank grapefruit in terms of awesomeness. The “negative calorie food” will help to increase your weight loss, as eating grapefruits has been shown to give you a small metabolism boost. You’ll find that eating more grapefruit is the key to a healthier you, and it will ensure that you can drop those pounds much more easily. With just one or two grapefruits per day, your weight loss will be just that much easier.

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