Can You Visibly Spot the Difference in Trained Areas?

One of the biggest things people look for when dieting, and perhaps even the only thing, is a noticeable result. Unless you can visibly see the difference or you feel that you are not achieving any results when participating in any type of training program, you will often lose motivation and stop your routine.

The vast majority of overweight people, although they put enough credence in what the numbers on a scale say, are more worried about how they look and how that subsequently makes them feel.

If you weighed 210 pounds, trained for a month on a solid program, and then weighed yourself to find out you’ve lost 10 pounds, you’d be a little let down.

Were you to spot the difference in your pants size, your shirt size, the size of your thighs, your stomach, etc, then you’d be through the roof with excitement and intent that this plan is one you should continue. Because once your clothes begin to fit better, and once you can visibly see a difference, that is when you begin to feel a lot better about yourself.

If you’re currently training and want to know if you’ll visibly see the results on specific parts of your body, the quick answer is yes. Yes, you will notice results if you’re sticking with a diet and training properly.

Take your thighs for example, say you have big thighs and that bothers you the most and so you do a lot of workouts with that area, you will not necessarily see “immediate” results.

Once you start working out and losing fat it will be lost all over the body no matter what you are trying to target. In fact, there is a chance the specific part you want to lose fat first is the place that will lose it last.

Any smaller measurements, any clothes fitting better, any muscle definition, etc – this is all positive for you and your diet. More than likely, you will be able to visibly spot differences if you’re training correctly. But if you can’t see them right away, remember not to get discouraged.

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