The Candida Diet: The Good and the Bad

The Candida Diet, or any ‘Candida diet’ is not so much a diet as it is a way of eating and living so as to reduce your risk of contracting any of the diseases commonly associated with the spread of Candida bacteria, a toxic yeast-like substance that is found anywhere in the body where there is warmth and the contact of two layers of skin or membranes (such as beneath the breasts or inside the urinary tract).

Saying that you are ‘on the Candida diet’ simply means that you are eating foods that are known to improve your body’s balance of internal bacteria.  We all need certain bacteria within our bodies to survive, digest food and maintain a healthy immune system.  Unfortunately other bacteria and yeasts, like Candida, also thrive in our bodies and if we do not maintain the correct diet then these types of bacteria can go into a growth spurt, leading to a variety of diseases.

The Basics

Candida is a yeast-like bacteria that all of us carry in our bodies. For most people, most of the time, this isn’t a problem.  If we maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and do not have any immune system diseases that prevent our bodies from fighting off diseases, we’ll probably never notice the effects of having a small population of Candida living somewhere in or on our bodies.

However, if our immune systems start to slip or we eat too much of certain foods that are known to aggravate or promote Candida bacteria, we could find ourselves to be the hosts of dozens of minor but very irritating bacterial infections, rashes and itches, known as Candidiasis.

This is the result of an overgrowth of these cells, and it can be kept in check through proper nutrition, and making sure that our diets contain enough ‘pro-biotics’, or substances that promote the growth of healthy internal bacteria.

The diet itself involves a hefty detox to start, as well as a solid regimen of pro-biotic products to help get your internal flora balance correct.

What We Like

The Candida diet specifically addresses the needs of many people, mostly women, who suffer from an internal flora imbalance or candadiasis. If you suffer from regular thrush infections, jock itch, athletes’ foot or any number of Candida-related skin or internal infections, then this diet is the fastest way to get those under control without using harmful medications which usually only treat the immediate symptoms, and not the underlying imbalance.

It’s not a weight loss diet, and those looking to maintain all round fitness and health should probably seek elsewhere to get their nutritional needs met.  But if you’re looking for a way to get yeast infections and thrush under control, then the Candida diet is a definite winner.

What We Don’t Like

There is a lot of marketing and hype about ‘pro-biotics’, but little actual science to back up the fantastic claims about these products.  The idea is that they are things we either should make or eat naturally, but don’t get as part of a modern diet.  The pro-biotics camp would have us believe that balancing our internal bacteria can affect everything from how quickly we lose weight to how good we feel when we wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, for every diet expert espousing the benefits of pro-biotics, there is another one just around the corner denouncing it as so much snake oil. Until we see some consensus from health professionals about this one, judgement is being reserved.

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