Alcohol Carbohydrates – How Many Carbs in Alcohol

The table below lists amount of carbohydrates in alcoholic drinks along with their calorie content per average serving.

Carbohydrates are not the main source of energy in alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is dense in energy and contains 7 calories per gram, compare it to fat at 9 calories per gram and its easy to see how a few glasses of strong beer or wine can add excess calories to any diet!

Carbohydrates in Alcohol Table

Alcoholic Drink Size Carbs Calories
Beer average half Liter 12 g 167
Lager average half Liter 7.5 g 145
Cider average half Liter 13 g 181
Whisky 15ml trace 33
Gin 15ml trace 33
Brandy 15ml trace 33
Rum 15ml trace 33
Wine red 100ml 0.5 70
Wine white dry 100ml 1 65
Wine white medium 100ml 3.5 70
Wine white sweet 100ml 6 90
Wine white sparkling 100ml 1.5 74
Rose 100ml 2.4 62
Champagne 100ml 3.7 126
Pernod 100ml 4.3 140
Tia Maria 100ml 3 155
Southern Comfort 100ml 4 184
Drambuie 100ml 3 184
Sherry dry 100ml 1.5 110
Sherry medium 100ml 3.5 112
Sherry sweet 100ml 7 130
Port 100ml 12 160
Martini 100ml 4 175
Baileys Cream 1 glass 5 120
Bicardi 1 glass 3 118


Values for alcohol carbohydrates are estimates and may vary between different products and glass size.

Many people now measure the carbohydrate content of foods using accurate nutri-scales.

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