Carbohydrates in a Banana

The table below lists amount of carbohydrates in banana. Calorie content of bananas have also been included as most of its energy comes from carbohydrate.

The table also lists its starch to sugar value however this ratio changes depending on the ripeness of the fruit, the starch content falls and the sugar content rises as a banana ripens.

The difference between starch and sugar is to do with length. Sugars are smaller usually one or two single or different sugar boned together to form a small molecule. Starch is a chain of sugars bonded together to form a much larger molecule.

What it means is the carbohydrates in foods with lots of single sugars are absorbed much faster than foods containing more starch. Foods with complex carbs take longer to digest.

Banana Carbohydrates Table

Banana Calories Carbohydrates Starch Sugars
Banana 162 39g 2.5g 35.5g
Banana flesh only 108 17.5g 1.7g 15.7g
Banana nutrients Potassium Magnesium Sodium B Vits
Quantity Offered 0.422g (high) 32mg (high) 1mg (low) 15% daily needs

Values for banana carbohydrates vary depending on the size of the banana.

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