Women May be Wasting Energy with Cardio Workouts

There is quite a stark contrast in the way weight-loss programs and products are delivered to the sexes. For men, we see images of huge, ripped muscles – men lifting weights and chiseling out a body. For women, we usually see softer images of jogging, cycling, all mixed with a little yoga, but centered on cardio fitness.

According to Mike Geary, however, cardio exercise is simply a waste of energy. Mike is one of the foremost fitness experts today, author of the hit book, The Truth About Six-Pack Abs. His anti-cardio stance has made him somewhat of a flat-earther in some fitness circles, but his theories on exercise are backed by hard science.

When we think of cardio, we think of aerobic exercise; and when we think aerobic, we think of exercises like:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Stepping
  • Cycling
  • Spinning

Yeah, you get the picture. These traditional cardio exercises are, according to Geary, nothing but a waste due to the sheer amount of energy you must put forth to get anything back in return.

What’s Mike’s alternative to traditional cardio for women out there? Well, he suggests weight training.

Mike states clearly that, weight training, if done properly, is cardio. Cardio is essentially any exercise that increases the heart rate and causes the lungs to expand to take in more oxygen. Whether low or high intensity cardio/aerobic training, this type of exercise is essential in burning off calories and getting into great shape; but so many people are wasting time with traditional exercise, so says Geary.

Geary suggests that women can start off by doing simple weight training exercises, and if they’re completed correctly, the exercises will yield much more results than traditional cardio exercises (spinning, jogging, etc) of the same duration.

5 Easy Weight Training Exercises for Women

    1: Shoulder Press

    To do a shoulder press, grab a barbell with your palms facing out, gripped about a shoulder’s width apart. Point your elbows out and not straight down and make sure the bar is rested at the top of your chest. Next, dip your hips slightly, bend your knees, and push the barbell over your head. Repeat this a few times and the results will rival any exercise bike.

    2: Deadlift

    For a deadlift, make sure the barbell is lying on the ground. Stand over the bar and prepare to grab it with your hands shoulder width apart. With palms facing in or out, bend your knees while keeping your back straight, lift up the barbell (lift with your legs only to start), and then return it to the ground in a reverse motion.

    3: Squats

    For a squat, stand straight up and place the barbell behind your head, rested on your shoulders, with your hands gripping the bar for stability (about 90 degrees or whatever is comfortable). Next, bend your knees, dropping your buttocks as close to the ground as you can get, before lifting yourself back up.

    4: Bench Press

    Step 1 for a bench press: make sure you have a spotter. After that, lie flat on the bench and grab the bar with your arms about 20-25 inches apart. Next, lift the barbell off of its rest slowly, extend it upward, bring it down to your chest slowly, and repeat. Make sure your feet and back remain flat for the best results.

    5: Push-ups

    The simplest of the five, push-ups are not only self-explanatory, but they can be done virtually anywhere and without any equipment. By lying flat on your stomach, place your arms to your side, move your hands to your shoulders, press them flat on the ground, and lift your body up. This is a great strengthening exercise for women of all ages.

These five simple weight training exercises might not replace all cardio in your life, but these types of workouts not only give you the necessary cardio but they also work your muscles and strengthen your entire core.

Weight training certainly is not only for men. Women can experience its benefits too.


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