Celebrities Who Swear by CrossFit

CrossFit has become hugely popular these days, with more and more people trying it out and finding that it works for them. You can find CrossFit “boxes” in just about every city around the country, as well as in many countries around the world. But CrossFit isn’t just for the average mortal, but even some of the celebrities we all look up to use the fitness program to get in shape. Here are a few of those renowned for their amazing physique who give credit to CrossFit:

Max Greenfield

The young star of TV’s New Girl is in phenomenal shape, which is why his role on the show often demands he remove his shirt. He’s known to hit the CrossFit sessions at least four or five times a week, and loves to spend time getting in shape.

Jessica Biel

This woman looks good in anything, and definitely has one of the best bodies of the women in Hollywood. She does CrossFit up to 5 or 6 times per week, pushing herself as hard as she can anytime she’s in the gym. It’s why she’s in such great shape!

Brad Pitt

While he may not have the body he did when filming the movie Troy, no one can deny that Hollywood’s Leading Man is in phenomenal shape. The fact that he has a full-time career and a gaggle of kids means that he needs a workout to do in as little time as possible. For him, that workout is CrossFit.

Kelly Clarkson

Former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson was once pretty hefty, but she’s looking better than ever these days–and it’s all thanks to CrossFit, she claims. She has said that the CrossFit workouts are a lot like a fitness bootcamp, and the 35-minute workouts are so intense that she knows she’s gotten in plenty of hard work for the day.

Cameron Diaz

Who hasn’t marveled at the tight figure of this blond bombshell? Surfer girl Cameron Diaz looks good at all times, and it’s thanks to the amount of time she spends exercising. Only half of her workouts are spent hitting CrossFit hard, but it’s enough that she stays in great shape. Plus, she loves any outdoor activities that get her heart rate up and her blood pumping.

Trevor Donovan

Former star of the TV show 90210 Trevor Donovan is known for having a rockin bod, and it’s all thanks to the time he spends doing CrossFit. He loves the workout because it boosts his energy levels, and it gives him a clarity of mind he can’t find anywhere else.

Vanessa Hudgens

In her early days as a pop star, Vanessa Hudgens was known for being curvaceous and cute. Then she took a role in the 2011 movie Sucker Punch, and she was forced to get in shape for the action part. She spent hours training at CrossFit, and she slimmed down and packed on the muscle. She still maintains her slim physique using various forms of workouts in addition to CrossFit.

Jason Statham

Anyone who has seen a movie with this British action star knows exactly how fit he is. Not only was he once a former diving champion and master martial artist, but he loves his CrossFit. He loves his grueling 35-minute-per-day workout, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Parker Young

The rising TV star is definitely known for his tremendous physique, with shows like Suburgatory going so far as to nickname him “The Body”. CrossFit appeals to his naturally competitive side, forcing him to race the one person that he always wants to beat: himself!

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