Celebrity Diets Worth Giving a Try

Want to get in shape and look as good as your favorite celebrities? Check out the celebrity diets below, which may be able to help you drop those last few pounds:

Master Cleanse

It’s said that Beyonce has used the Maple Syrup Diet (the 10-day Master Cleanse) to drop a few pounds. This is a pretty harsh diet, and one you should ONLY try if you are in serious need of detoxification. It’s not a weight loss diet, but it’s ideal for getting rid of toxins thanks to the cayenne pepper and lemon juice you consume every day.

Hampton’s Diet

This low-carb diet is an interesting alternative to the Atkins Diet, and it’s worth a try. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the celebrities who have tried this diet, and you may find that a low carb, high protein diet will be just what you need to help you lose weight.

Five Factor Diet

Eva Mendes is said to have lost 15 pounds using this diet, which involves eating five meals per day, each meal consisting of five ingredients. This diet helps you to eat more protein, consume healthy carbs, and reduce sugar, and it may be your solution to both weight loss and cleaning up your eating habits. Best of all, you get a “cheat” day where you can eat all the food you want!

Holistic Detox

It’s said that Kate Moss uses this diet to drop pounds when she’s got a modeling shoot coming up. It’s a 21 day diet that limits you to eating only a few foods, such as tea, nuts, and meat. While it may be a fairly limiting diet, it’s going to help you detox your body and promote healthy eating habits. Even chewing the right way will help you to digest more effectively, making it easier for you to fill up with lessĀ  food!

Three Hour Diet

Jessica Biel was suppoused to have used the Three Hour Diet to lose around 10 pounds. The diet calls for you to eat about six meals a day, each spaced three hours apart. It’s the opposite of a fasting diet, as you eat more meals–but all of them much smaller. You’ll find that this will help to minimize your cravings, and you’ll be able to control your portion sizes.

Raw Food Diet

Demi Moore is a proponent of raw foods, and reportedly lost up to 11 pounds by eating 75% of her food raw. The reason the Raw Food diet is so good is due to the fact that the food you eat is all natural, with none of the nutrient loss common with cooked food. You may not be able to get a complete diet of uncooked foods, so it’s better to stick with 75% raw and eat the other 25% in the form of cooked meats.

Macrobiotic Diet

Madonna was rumored to have dropped a dozen pounds while on this diet, which involves a lot of fiber to promote weight loss. Fiber is very filling, and you’ll find that eating high fiber foods will keep you from getting hungry for longer. Soy products and raw foods are the main staple of this diet, which, while not a long-term solution, can be a short-term weight loss diet.

The Zone Diet

This diet–followed by Jennifer Anniston–employs a simple ratio to help you find the right “zones” for each of your food groups. Basically, you eat 40:30:30 in carbs, proteins, and fats, ensuring that you get all the nutrients your body needs to function properly. With the Zone Diet, weight loss is highly possible!

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