Celebrity Workouts to Give a Try

Tired of doing the same old boring workouts day after day? There are so many different workouts to try, and the celebrity workouts below may be your best option to mix it up at the gym:


Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Lady Gaga all swear by this workout, which combines spinning with fast-paced music and upper body workout movements. It’s not the cheapest workout (comes out to about $32 per session!), but it’s one that will be highly addictive once you get into it.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is considered the “best celebrity workout in the world”, given the fact that many celebrities–including Christina Applegate, Amanda Seyfried, and Sandra Bullock–all participate in the classes. The high-octane workouts combine a wicked playlist with fast-paced action, and you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour in these classes. You do both cardio and strength training movements in the bootcamp, increasing your fitness and helping you to lose weight.


S3 stands for Strong, Sexy, and Svelte, a program that celebrities like Bethany Frankel and Tina Fey are known to enjoy. It brings weight training into the mix with dumbbell movements, adding a bit of Yoga and Pilates work to improve your core strength and flexibility. It’s all about grace and control, and you’ll love the simplicity of this at-home workout!

The Barre Method

Barre workouts (ballet) are ideal for those who want slim, lean bodies. This workout mixes ballet movements with Pilates, yoga, weight training, and core conditioning movements, giving you one tough, complete workout! It’s a pricey workout, but you can get in great shape with the same moves that produces such slim, graceful ballerinas!

TRX Suspension Training

This type of workout uses TRX bands to give you a wicked strength training workout in a whole new way! Instead of lifting weights, you end up lifting your own body weight. It’s a very military-style workout, but one that Gisele Bundchen, J. Lo, and Gwen Stefani are all known to enjoy. Best all, the gear is fairly cheap, and you can do your workout pretty much anywhere you go!


It’s definitely an unusual workout, but one that Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, and Alexis Bledel enjoy! It’s a mixture of boxing and Pilates, an unusual pair, but one that turns out to be an excellent workout. You can burn a lot of calories in your boxing training, but the addition of Pilates gives you that powerful core you want. It’s great for torching fat and building muscle, and it can be a highly addictive way to get in shape.

Belly Dancing

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Rihanna have all reportedly enjoyed belly dancing, a surprisingly difficult workout that sculpts your abs, tightens your hips, and gives your waist a wicked workout. More and more belly dancing salons are opening around the country, making this one of the more easily available workouts!


Mix strength training, jumping rope, and shadow-boxing, and you get Aero Box, a workout celebrities like Doutzen Kroes and Eva Mendes love! It’s a fast-paced, high-impact workout that will push you hard and help you burn fat like a champ!


For those who are dedicated to hardcore fitness, CrossFit may be your new addiction. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Channing Tatum, and Malin Akerman are known to be hardcore fans of CrossFit, which combines high-impact movements with strength training exercises for one heck of a workout. It’s all about functional fitness with CrossFit, helping you to develop strength and cardio endurance in every area. It’s a highly intense, action-packed workout guaranteed to get you sweating!

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