Chemicals in Food Make You Fat

If you have been dieting and exercising for years and still can’t lose weight, it could be the chemicals in food. It is a known fact that chemicals in food can increase appetite and make people gain weight. Take a look at the people on organic diets then ask yourself how many of them are suffering from obesity.

The New American Diet

Decades ago it was easier for people to lose weight. All that was required was to eat less and get a little more exercise. These days, it’s not that simple. Eating less is not enough because the food we eat today is a whole lot different than the foods we ate in the past. Back then, we knew what we were eating. An apple was an apple and corn was corn. Now, an apple could be an apple and corn could be corn, or not. These items could be genetically modified hybrids containing both plant and animal genes and a host of chemicals that make it more difficult for our bodies to digest them. Due to these newly created edible products perhaps our body systems are so off balance that we cannot properly break down fat or control our appetites. Research has indicated that chemicals in food can interfere with the body’s ability to to know when it is full. Some of the chemicals contained in our popular manufactured foods appear to stimulate our appetites causing us to crave more – causing us to be food addicts. Haven’t you ever struggled to give up certain foods?

Try an Organic Diet

Organic foods are healthier for your bodies. Not because they contain more nutrients, but because that contain a whole lot less of the bad stuff -pesticides, plastic fillers, growth hormones, drugs. In other words, eating organic foods will help you rid your body of most of the toxic chemicals found in conventional foods. You will be able to improve your overall health. You will gain more energy. You will gain more control over your appetite by eating natural, organic foods. Why let chemicals in food interfere with your ability to lose weight when you can choose chemical-free foods? It is true that organic food is more expensive, but at least it is real food. Sometimes you have to pay more for quality, but most people agree that good health is priceless. Good health is our greatest asset.

Create a Healthy Eating Plan

It may take some time and money before you can adopt a completely natural, organic diet. Improving health is a process. However, there are steps you can begin to take to move you in the right direction. Chemicals in food cause illness and obesity, so start by replacing food items that contain the highest amounts of chemicals. For example, apples are high in pesticides so go organic with those. In the meantime, peeling your conventional apples will help. If you drink cow’s milk, you should definitely replace that with organic cow’s milk or switch to an alternative such as almond milk or coconut milk. Read food labels very carefully. You should recognize what you are eating. The ingredients list on a natural bag of potato chips should read potatoes, salt. oil. It’s that simple. Say no to chemicals in food and yes to good health.

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